AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1

  • Today I gave up 😞 I’d held of upgrading to 3.4.1 due to the reports here, and then thought surely if there was this degree of problems in the wider community they’d have pulled the plug on the version. Oh boy was I wrong. Yesterday morning I upgraded, yesterday evening the network went to hell with access points dropping out, losing IPv4 routing but keeping IPv6, streaming from the internal network went to pot, and internet was thoroughly hit and miss.

    This morning I pulled out of the cupboard an old D-Link and Netgear router, put them both in access point mode, and set them up in place of the AMPLIFI kit. Network sanity restored.

    As for pulling logs, fat chance. When the network is that screwed up how the heck are you meant to get logs out of an access point when you couldn’t even see it on the network even though traffic was going through it?

  • I have been using AmpliFi HD with 2 Mesh points since December 2017 in Bridge Mode (with 30+ devices) connected to a Frontier FiOS router and never had an issue until updating to 3.1 when the HD began reporting "no internet connection" on a daily basis - but wireless devices attached to the HD continued to work and gradually deteriorated in throughput until the HD was power cycled and rebooted. Support told me I had a hardware problem and suggested I RMA the unit which was two years old at the time; but I did not agree with their conclusion. After performing a little debugging, it became apparent to me that beginning with 3.1 the HD (and Mesh points) had issues when renegotiating DHCP leases in bridge mode. I was able to resolve this problem by setting the Frontier router DHCP Server to use Static Leases instead of Dynamic Leases and my problems with 3.1 disappeared and all subsequent releases including v3.4.1 work properly with no device dropouts or degradation in performance.

    So, if you are having stability issues in Bridge Mode, try setting your DHCP server to issue static leases and see if that helps.

  • @Fred-Kinder-0 Interesting - your failures also started with 3.1.
    My sense is they added a feature or refactored some code that made the firmware more sensitive to interference allowing it to slip into a mode without recovery.
    I have some 50 some devices on my network, static IP management is not practical. Given the lease time vs occurrence of slow down it is likely not a problem on my network. The problem appears to be slowed or interrupted backbone communications. This is supported by the fact that going back to being in range of the Router HD, it does not "see" the Mesh Point in question.
    I have changed the location of the MeshPoint most effected and also received a warranty replacement. I turned off "automatic backbone band switching" and have gone several days without interruption.

  • @Stephen-M-Baines Please check security reports on those routers. A large number of D-Link and Netgear routers have severe security issues. Practically all the older ones do. It's less of a problem, if you have a separate firewall.

  • Don’t worry, as they’re only used in access point mode the wider vulnerabilities are reduced, and they’re running in WPA2 AES mode which is as good as they’re going to get. The whole IPv6 network was fire walled with a Netgear GC728X when I got a proper IPv6 connection as the IPv6 firewall in the VDSL modem was severely, erm, limited.

    As for the thoughts about static leases, I’ve done that since day 1 with the AMPLIFI kit in bridge mode.

  • So folks, is it time to go to another mesh company? Thinking Eero pro or Costco has an orbi 3 pack wifi6 that has some outstanding reviews from nearly everyone. I have gig service and could use stable connections, high speed through entire home, and the ability to hit above 500mps wirelessly. All of these wishes are not currently happening with my HD by AMPLIFI.

  • @Tigres Based on various reviews not everyone is happy with that one either. WiFi 6 is a plus.
    I think mesh system backbones tend to be prone to interference.

  • I have an Amplifi HD + the 2 wireless mesh points that came with it, and a 2nd HD connected via wired ethernet backbone.

    Ever since upgrading the firmware v3.4.1, the 2nd HD connected via wired backbone drops offline... it shows as 'disconnected' in the app and the devices connected thru it go offline. Per the display on the 2nd HD, it still seems to be running. When I manually power cycle the 2nd HD and it works again for a few days.

    I checked to make sure both HDs are on the same FW... they are.

    Any suggestions or anyone else seeing this?

  • @UI-Karlis it would be great to know it AmpliFi is working on the reported connectivity issues and has any clue to what is going on. I received a replacement unit and am still running into the issue. The wireless backbone connection is getting corrupted potentially while trying to deal with interference. What is interesting is that it is not only the MeshPoint that is involved but sometimes also other MeshPoints.
    I have had the system for 2+ years and know this was not an issues before 3.x. It would run for months in what was essentially the dame environment.
    One change is that I added Philips Hue lights - the ones that are Zigby based in the 2.4Ghz range. My backbone connection is close enough to the router to use. 5Ghz.
    I would be glad to help in any way I can. Not sure sending more reports is useful.

  • @Harald-Striepe Have you considered going to the Alien version w. Mesh?

    I wonder if that solution will be a solid one. I just need consistency, stability and speed. A lot to ask for, I know.
    Anyone at Amplifi want to weigh in here?

    Seems if I buy one and it does not work as intended, there is a 15% restocking fee alone.

  • @Tigres I ditched my Amplifi gear some months ago due to these problems (with 3.3). I moved to a Unifi Dream Machine with two Unifi Access points. Works perfectly, haven't restarted it since I set it up. Couldn't be happier with it.

  • @Tigres If I would end up replacing AmpliFi I would not choose another product from the company.

  • @Harald-Striepe @Tigres I get that. I had similar reservations myself about spending a lot of money with the same company all over again. All I can say is that it seems the Unifi division has their act together and is far more professional. I guess every family has a joker. I just hope that the realize the damage that this is doing to their overall brand.

  • New and, given what I'm reading here, somewhat trepidatious Amplifi HD owner here. My system arrived a couple of weeks ago with firmware 2.8.2, so my question to this group is this:

    If you were to present the Oscar for the best Amplifi firmware, which release would you give it to?

    Note that I bought Amplifi HD/2 x Meshpoint to replace an Orbi/satellite system that couldn't fill my small/brick London house. So far, apart from some clunky transfer between access points, Amplifi HD has been a success so not upgrading could be a good option for me. However, is there a golden release?

  • Hi @caw35ubi - it seems like the recent significant issues started with v3.3.0 and later
    For me personally, v3.1.2 just prior was one of the best releases of all time, especially for stability

    If your network is working, I would recommend not touching it unless there is a problem, and then not going beyond v3.1.2 for now

    Note that AmpliFi does not provide firmware download links on their website, and the rollback option only goes back one release

    If you need a specific firmware release the standard practice is to send a chat message @UI-AmpliFi and make a request for the links

  • @Mark-Seall I have a Ubiquiti ERLite running EdgeMax that has been totally solid.

  • After all the posts here about the AmplifiHD I'm starting to lose hope of the issues being resolved. I'm seriously considering moving over the the Unifi Dream Machine as an alternative solution as I understand this is more a prosumer product and better supported (full Unifi controller support too). My only reservation is coverage as there doesn't seem to be an wireless access point equivalent to the HD mesh points that the AplifiHD has. I've seen the UniFi AP BeaconHD Wi-Fi MeshPoint but these don't seem to be available outride the US.

    Its a real shame that the firmware for the AmplifiHD has got to this point and I really hope the company mange to resolve these issues sooner rather than later. To echo other posts here this has really started to hurt their reputation.

  • @Mark-Seall What access points are you using? I'm thinking of doing the same but not using wired access points due to the structure of my home.

  • After all the posts here about the AmplifiHD I'm starting to lose hope of the issues being resolved.

    Hi @Ade-Thompson - I personally wouldn't lose hope, but the complexity of the situation may require more time than normal for resolution considering the resources available

    Firmware v3.3.0 was a special release because it went through regulatory certifications in order to implement...

    • Wi-Fi channels and power limits updated

    v3.3.0 also fundamentally changed a lot of the core architecture...

    • Additional SSIDs for each radio can be defined separately
    • Resolved MAC address issue when switching to Bridge mode

    The MAC issues alone go back more than 2 years related the implementation of HW NAT

    Not to mention multiple security updates...

    • Security update (CVE-2020-8597)
    • Security updates (CVE-2020-11752, CVE-2020-11750) v3.4.0

    When you layer all of those on top of each other it is very difficult to untangle and fix within the regulatory constraints

    It was a long delay between v3.1.2 and v3.3.0 for those regulatory certifications, compounded by the global COVID-19 situation, and work was being done on Alien at the same time

    So if you can be patient, I am confident that @UI-Karlis and @UI-AmpliFi will be able to work it out, but I understand everyone's frustrations as well, especially when being confined to a work from home situation putting even more pressure on home networks

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks for the encouragement. I'm so used to seeing negative posts on here your post has given me some hope 🙂

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