AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1

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    I still think you should (for testing purposes) turn off one of the WAN's. I've seen this issue before on my own system where traffic wanted to go out one way but couldn't thinking that path is open. Just trying to eliminate variables, especially if you have it in Bridge mode. Have you tried Router mode? I forgot what you currently have it set to.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian throughput is measured inside the LAN using a Speedtest app against a wired server. Internet speed is separate.

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    Not thinking speed right now, thinking routing issues. Anyhow. That's all I got.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian just for grins I’ll unplug next time I have a slow-down.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian said in AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1:

    Set your WiFi 5ghz channel near the top (149?) and width to 40 (not sure if you left it on 80).

    Just saw this and I'm already on channel 149 but bandwidth was 80MHz. Set it to 40MHz and still the same slowness with Apple devices...

  • @estesbubba

    Turn on the dedicated 2.4 and dedicated 5. See if one works better than the other. I think macs like the 2.4 more.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian said in AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1:

    Turn on the dedicated 2.4 and dedicated 5. See if one works better than the other. I think macs like the 2.4 more.

    I have this and tried the dedicated 5 and no improvement. I have an iPhone, iPad Pro, 2 MacBook Pros and all were great with 3.1.2 and all had problems once I installed 3.3.0 and they are worse with 3.4.1. When I first got my HD and HD RAMP I tried all these devices throughout my house on 3.1.2 and they all would get ~80/10 max bandwidth of my DSL. Now it's totally random if I get 100% of that or 5% but goes towards 5% over time.

  • @Phil-Hasseljian I tried 2.4Ghz and it definitely lowers the throughput when it is working.

  • I also jumped ship to eero gen3 (non-pro) 3-pack. I am in IT, but I’ve had enough. Bonus, every unit is identical and not firmware-locked to each other, so I used 2 at the house and one at the office. Anyone want to buy 2x Amplifi Instant kits?

  • Unplugged a LiIon battery charger outside the house about 8ft from the MeshPoint inside just in case it interferes. The many reports I sent in should have shown interference, but I never really got an analysis back from anybody.
    This charger used to sit closer but on the other side of the wall during the last couple of years. It has not been an issue before. But FW changes might make the MeshPoint respond differently.

  • Latest Amplifi HD firmware (3.4.1) working fine here. My setup: one HD, in bridge mode and connected to the ISP router (Movistar), using my 600 mb fiber Internet connection. Team, I appreciate your work and all new features. Thanks a lot.

  • As I noted previously I updated to v3.4.1 about three days ago after I had reverted to v3.1.2. The older version had not done better. There was a LiIon charger on the outside about 4-6 ft away, This has been there for years, but I turned it off and later moved it to 10ft distance separated by the house wall.

    This worked ok for about 2-3 days. Today I ran into trouble again. Earlier in the morning performance was good - >100Mbits on my iPad Pro. Then I noticed stalling on my iPhone. The connection to the harmony hub in that room was interrupted (LED red.) MeshPoint showed normal LED status. I tried to Speed Test multiple times and it reestablished the connection at lower speed - 20 - 30Mbits. About 5 min later the Mesh Point died altogether and showed as disconnected. I went back to the router and pulled a report. I restarted the Mesh Points by repowering and all was fine - for now. Pulled another report and sent it to tier 2.

    Support noted from older reports the location of the Mesh Point was noisy. That might well be from the charger I moved or an old fridge that has been in about 6ft proximity since I have had the device. The only other possible location would move it closer to the fridge, so that is not a good idea, since it also blocks the router signal.

    Noise is a common WiFi (and cell) issue that needs to be dealt with in firmware. V2.x seems to have had more resilience.

    Unfortunately I did not pull a report when it recovered the first time.

  • AmpliFi has me at 2n tier support and the person is really paying attention and trying to help. We're looking at an RMA of at least one of the MeshPoints. I hope we can cross ship because my system is truly used across the property with WiFI HomeKit devices form gate to pool below.
    One of the MeshPoints servers the main area of use inside.
    I guess I could mediate by putting my AirPort network back in action, never sold my TImeCapsule and Express's. A few or them still do AirPlay duty.

    ps main, corrected more typos.

  • I surely want to respond also in this thread.
    I am also on firmware 3.4.1 (after beta failures 3.4.0 s). I also suffer multiple times a day a system hang. Most time it was only a mesh point, but the latest hang was total (also girlfriend which connect to router directly) on the system. I use 1 router and 2 mesh points.

    But what did I see today. Immediate when I pressed the reboot option all sites were loading immediately. Until the router went in reboot offcourse. Looks like some buffers which are being flushed or something..
    Contacted support for the first time and offered logs. Hopefully they can find out what is the problem here.
    They are lucky the ZenWifi units aren't on stock right now, otherwise I already switched.

  • Today again stalling on mesh points. Main router was slowing a lot.. noticed with speedtest that there was a jitter of over 250 ms..
    Did wat support told me. Check on main router, but wired > no difference! Same (low) throughput. Tried to pull logs but was unable. As in app as in webinterface pulling logs timed out (should be al lot then ;)) and got error message.

    But also after multiple reboots of the system, pulling logging isn't possible. Any of you also had this?

    Now I have (after the reboots) good speeds, normal throughput, but still not able to pull logs.

  • Based on the input by Tier 2 support I moved the location of the MeshPoint most effected by slow downs. It seemed no where close to any electronic devices and nothing had changed. The current position is jerry-rigged due to power availability, but it seems to have improved stability.

    • Anybody having trouble should experiment with locations. Noise on one MeshPoint could impact the behavior of all.
    • Something must have changed in the noise management of the firmware to have this sensitivity.
    • It would be great to have a noise/interference indicator in the app.

    Tier 2 also had me generate an RMA to preclude a failing unit.
    *** Added 2 days later ***
    Still going strong without reboot.
    I would recommend trying different locations for the MeshPoints even if there is no obvious source of interference. Presumably the interference on one of mine impacted other MeshPoints.

    *** Added 4 days later ***
    Things have been stable and running well. As a test I moved the LiIon charger outside back to its original location. It is separated by a wall and about 10-12 feet from the MeshPoint. It clearly created a problem.
    First the MeshPoint on the opposite side of the house throttled to nothing, then the one in the Family room. Unplugging the charger and rebooting solved the issue.

    For everyone having trouble I would comb the place for interference close to ANY MeshPoint or the router and any path between them. Interestingly the router is in our office with a boatload of radiating devices (computers, drivers, printers, etc.) But it does not seem impacted.

  • i wished i never had done the update to 3.4.1 because the whole network is shit now, i had to revert to 3.3.0 and hope for the best otherwise it is buying some new stuff.

    man i do not need fancy stuff i need stable stuff

  • @Auke-Wesselink I'm getting a similar issue, internet froze up yesterday, couldn't access web interface, the app was showing 2 of my devices offline but the main router was online. Waited about 5 minutes and eventually, it was accessible and I pulled logs and sent them to support. Support says DNS stopped responding - waiting for another update on the issue.

  • And it's happened again, support file sent.

  • @Joost-Hijman There is an option to roll back..

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