AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.4.1

  • @UI-JT can you send me the file link and instructions to roll back to 3.1.2.

    That was the last time my product seemed to not make me work daily to have internet in my home without adjusting settings and rebooting daily.

    I own 2 of these in two homes, both have had issues exactly alike since the above build.

    There is no question that the updates since then do not play well with Apple devices, which is primarily my tech.


  • @UI-Karlis I have used the Amplifi HD since May 2017. I was very happy with it and advised 7 friends to also buy one for their homes. However over the last, say 6 months, I have increasingly had to reboot to get some stability and performance. I have kept a close eye on this forum. I told my friends to wait with the latest update until the negative feedback about the update cleared up. I decided yesterday that I would do the update myself. I wish I hadn’t. The stability of the WiFi is dreadful. Cabled LAN continues to work good. I get my 500/50 throughput. However I now get WiFi slowdowns continuously. I get my kids complaining. I will wait for the next update to see improvements but then I am buying something else.

  • I have downgraded back to 3.1.2 for the time being.

    What I want to know is there anyway I can get the update notification on the amplifi hd routers to disappear as it’s constantly showing on the display. I can’t find anything in the amplifi hd software to do it.

    I’m also considering other mesh systems because the amplifi HD system is becoming really unstable. At the beginning it was great but the firmware is really bad at the moment with constant disconnections. 3.1.2 seems to be the best one to be on at the moment.

  • @alanwong Press ignore on LCD.

  • And it locked up again... I have 3 routers and 2 mesh nodes, I checked the main router and there is no error. The error and disconnections always occur on the secondary router. I'm going to swap my routers around and see if the problem goes away. I'm starting to think the unit is faulty.

  • @James-Morgan Is the second router using ethernet backhaul? Did you update the DNS to use a different server from the last time you reported you were getting a DNS error?

    Please let us know how things work after you swap them.

  • @UI-Brett no, all the nodes are connected wirelessly (it's not going to be possible to connect them via ethernet). I haven't attempted to change the DNS, but I have swapped my secondary routers around. If the problem persists I'll certainly try the DNS route, although as the secondary router was showing a disconnection to the main router and the main router seemed to be functioning ok, I'm not sure DNS will fix this issue.

  • Having upgraded to 3.4.1 my wifi and internet is unreliable, particularly from Windows computers where the speed is much lower than before and lower than from other devices now.

  • @UI-Brett i got a disconnection after moving the routers. I've now enabled and as DNS, but suffered a minor disconnection about 5 minutes later. If I pull logs from the main router does it pull the logs from all the connected nodes as well or do you need to provide each individually?

  • Enable automatic backbone band switching causes slowdown on my network. Leaving it off for now.
    One day later another stall, turning this off did not help!

  • @Harald-Striepe how did you test it out if you don't mind me asking and how much slow down, I'm going to playing with this setting off on my own network to see if that fixes a few things.

  • @Edward-Dolezal My slow down problem results in an almost complete halt of throughput. For LAN performance testing I use an app called Network Speed Test against a copy running on my Mac Mini server.

  • I did a revert back to 3.3.0 which was oke for me (binaries delivered to me by tier 2 support). For now 3.3.0 doesn't halt all traffic and throughput is acceptable. Enough for working at home...

  • @James-Morgan Using the app, it will pull logs from all nodes as long as they are all currently connected.
    Downloading Support Information

  • @UI-AmpliFi thanks, i had a small crash last night and i've sent the logs. I'm done with 3.4.1 though, causing far too much stress in my household. Rolled back and factory reset to 3.1.2. I can already see a speed improvement and reliability was never an issue with 3.1.2.

    Pointless - it's unlikely a firmware issue. Problem is happening now on 3.1.2, took a while to surface but it's back. Taking back my comments about 3.4.1!

  • @Harald-Striepe support mentioned automatic switching early on but it made no difference. I've had it off since I first had problems.

  • I probably should mention, 3.4.1 did bring 1 significant improvement. I had a mesh point at the bottom of the garden in a brick shed. I have a router in a room at the back of my house which the shed mesh connects too. With 3.1.2 the shed barely ever has a connection, with 3.4.1 it gets a solid connection 24x7.

    Mesh point connected just fine (took a lot longer) and has a rock-solid connection on 3.1.2 also.

  • Received courtesy replacement for stalling Mesh Point, since I was out of warranty. Set up, updated, and hopeful.

  • @Harald-Striepe what happened when your mesh point stalled? I have one Amplifi mesh that keeps dropping out, when it drops out all traffic is affected and the other mesh nodes show "Disconnected". I thought it was in relation to 3.4.1 but now it's happening on 3.1.2 which I know was 100% solid before I upgraded. Starting to believe that one of my units have developed a fault.

  • @James-Morgan Throughput goes to very low or nothing. Devices running the AmpliFi app cannot find the AmpliFi HD router.

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