Amplifi HD has been a buggy mess since firmware 3.3 and up

  • My Amplifi HD was running perfectly well for 18 months until firmware 3.3 was installed. Since then, it keeps disconnecting wireless clients and download speeds drop to less than 5Mbps in spite of the router speed test indicating 100Mbps. I'm having to reboot several times a day and am getting fed up with it. After the disaster that was firmware 3.4 I'm now on 3.4.1 but still having to reboot when speeds drop. I'm in correspondence with support and have sent logfiles but what on earth has happened to what was previously a rock solid system? I honestly would not recommend this product to anyone at the moment.

    There, I feel better now!

  • Hi @dwl99,

    I have had the same issues as you, and I recognise the problems you describe.

    I have, with suggestions from Amplifi support staff, changed my setup. After the changes below my speed and stability is really good.

    I have done the following, information below is as is:

    -Create an 5Ghz dedicated SSID for my performance devices, ex: Windows 10 laptop, Macbook, iPhone and iPad.
    -Created an 2,4Ghz dedicated SSID for my IoT and smart home devices.
    -I have left my AppleTV:s on the main SSID

    I have also done the following changes in webgui setup:

    Below I will share my info and setup, and this information is as is, information is from an earlier post.

    My router is connected directly to the fibre converter from my ISP and I have no switches etc. Two mesh points are connected to the router.

    -Steps to follow to troubleshoot Wifi connections:

    All devices are updated to latest version of OS and drivers.

    -I scanned my neighborhood for interference Wifi networks and changed channels for 2,4Ghz (channel 9) and 5Ghz (channel 48). I used the following software to scan for interference Wifi:

    -Enabled band steering.

    Refer to the above article to access the Web UI and make the below changes:

    Uncheck ' Enable Automatic Backbone band switching' (Make sure the mesh points are on 5Ghz.

    Check 802.11r, 802.11k & 802.11v.

    Enable A-MSDU for Wireless backbone

    Save the changes.

    Once the changes are saved, reboot each Mesh devices separately

    After the above changes the system has been rock solid and I have great performance. I have 250/100 Mbps from my ISP via fibre and when testing, I got around 220-230 Mbps / 80-95 Mbps. I have no switches or modem between Amplifi HD, a direct RJ45 cable from the fibre converter to the router.

    If any further questions, please let me know.



  • @dwl99 I have exactly the same problem as you with 2.4 Wifi speed, even with the new firmware.

  • @Mikael-Johansson Thanks Mike, I had already seen your previous posts and tried everything you mentioned apart from creating additional SSIDs. Can I check a few things before doing this?

    1. Will the additional SSIDs all be on the same network as the existing ones? I need them to be so that Home Assistant works.
    2. I have 6 wireless HD IP cameras and a Nest Hello, all streaming to my wired NAS. Should I connect them to an additional 5GHz SSID or would it be more stable doing it via 2.4GHz?
    3. I note that the router and access points need the additional SSIDs set up individually which seems a bit odd. Is it OK to give each device's additional SSID the same name & password or will this cause conflicts?

  • Hi @dwl99,

    Sorry for delay in answer. Please see my answer below, information is as is.

    1 - When you say same network, I assume you mean the same IP network, eg: 192.168.1.x? If so, yes they will be on the same IP network.
    2 - I should strongly recommend, to put them on a separate 2,4 Ghz network. I have noticed that my home cameras and smart home stuff are more stable after I did the move. But as you understand our equipments differ, so you must try it out.
    3 - Yes the mesh points SSID:s will be given the same extra name SSID as you set up on the router. Regarding the password, it is the same as you have setup for the main SSID - no change.

    The last equipment I have left on my main SSID is my Apple TV:s and they run just fine.

    If you have any further questions, please let me know.



  • @Mikael-Johansson Thanks, and yes I did mean the same IP network. I'll try moving all my smart home & IP cam devices to a separate 2.4GHz SSID as you suggested.

    I'm still unsure about the additional SSIDs for the mesh points - I've created an additional 2.4GHz SSID for the router but it appears to be for the router alone and is not linked to the mesh points. It looks like I will need to create the additional 2.4GHz SSIDs for each individual mesh point. Should I use the same SSID name as for the router or different ones?

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