Bypassing traditional router?

  • Hi there, your instructions advice to attach an ethernet cable to the traditional router. I dod that and it worked, but what if I attach the Wan cable to the Amplifi? I tried that and it works too. Are there any differences? Anything I should be worried about bypassing my traditional router, like security?


  • It depends what that router is and your internet provider. If it’s just a basic router then it likely adds no value, and unless you have something like TV that requires it you could remove.

    FWIW I have the provider router in a cupboard and have run both AMPLIFI directly plugged into WAN Ethernet and currently have a Dream Machine in between doing threat prevention and packet inspection for data geekiness on apps and site usage 🙂

  • @Adam-Hall-0 Hi Adam, thank you. I have Fios gigabit connection. I just checked out the Dream Machine, cool, but I’d rather do without that, as it seems to almost double the budget and still add a second piece (unless I misunderstood how you use it)

    I’m wondering if any of these security features are built into the Alien as well, or if there’s a software/firmware way to implement those.

    Do you know if that’s possible?

  • @Adriano-Martino I’m on FIOS Ethernet too.

    the AMPLIFI devices are designed to largely “just work”. The Aliens have firewalls and you can do basic things like port mapping in the settings (you get what you see on the Apps and web portal) but the more advanced “prosumer” features are in the UniFi devices. Unfortunately these don’t mix and match, I choose the run the UDM for security and network management (mainly cause I’m a geek) and then the Aliens in bridge mode for WiFi cause they are just so damn fast and good.

    It means 2 things to manage, but I’m ok with that 🙂

  • @Adam-Hall-0 wow! That makes a lot of sense and sounds awesome. In my case, if I had advanced features, I might not even know how to take advantage of them them for my lack on knowledge in regard. I’m wondering at this point, if the Fios router offers any sort of “plug and play” protection for me, or if I should just get rid of it (considering I don’t have the dream machine).

  • @Adriano-Martino IMO the provided FIOS router offers nothing and unless you need it for TV or something, just use the AMPLIFI Alien.

    Note that if you use the FIOS app you won’t be able to see some telemetry about availability and performance as their router provides that.

    Just my opinion. If you’re not wanting to mess with stuff, don’t touch and it won’t break 🙂

  • @Adam-Hall-0 Thank you, Adam. I’m going to try for a few weeks just using the Alien. I love it, and I’d rather have it connected directly at this point. I wasn’t sure when I bought it. I’ve had it for a few days and now I’m a believer!


  • Wouldn't you degrade the wifi 6 capabilities (capacity) if the UDM is your main router and your ALien being a bridged "mesh" point? You would only get Wifi 5 speeds throughout your network, right? Ubiquiti should really consider opening-up an advanced tab on the Alien for these very reasons. I've "voiced" my opinion about this, they should really consider rebranding these devices, to my recollection the branding and aesthetics of these devices implies high performance and technological advancements... even though the Amplifi line is more geared towards simplicity of their ease of use throughout their models under the Alien model, using the name Alien implies you can modify and fine-tune things (IE: Alienware). It would be easy to associate the two... adding an advanced tab would be amazing... if not, on your next version of UDM (Wifi 6, please make it flat black too lol...)

    I was considering putting two Aliens but I'm now considering going one UDM and an Alien... consider making these compatible somehow with one another via software/firmware. I believe this will increase market interest in both products.

  • @Damir-Alonso what do you refer to in losing WiFi 6 capabilities?

    I still see Wifi6 connections with associated speeds and only “lose” things taken care of by the UDM, plus I get IPS and DPI. you will only want,picture of the AmpliFi router.

  • @Adam-Hall-0 UDM security with Alien speed and coverage, nice! Curious, are you still broadcasting the SSIDs on the UDM or did you disable them? If you’re still broadcasting them, how are they getting along with the Allen’s wireless?

  • @heyarnoldmbj I had the UDM radios disabled.

    I am currently just on UniFi until we solve the Alien reboot issues.

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