Local PCs not able to communicate with local server due to it resolving with external address

  • I have a ScreenConnect server that I use to access the PCs in my home and a handful of external PCs (Family and friends machines). When I swapped out my Netgear R8000 for the Alien, I made sure to enter the exact port forwards that were in use for this. Since the swap, all of my internal clients have shown as offline in the ScreenConnect console while the external clients are connected as expected. My best guess as to what is happening is that the Alien doesn't like the traffic being directed out and back in, as the URL for the ScreenConnect server resolves to the outside address. The Netgear and Linksys routers I've had before never had an issue with this. Anyone have any suggestions for correcting this, short of putting entries in the host file on the local computers?

    I wish I had researched the purchase of the Alien better. Being from Ubiquiti, I incorrectly assumed I was getting a full featured and competent product. With configuration only available through the phone app and extremely limited in scope, that just wasn't the case. If the performance wasn't outstanding, it would have already been returned. Thanks in advance for any help offered. I just want to get my functionality back to what I had prior to installing the Alien.

  • I guess no one here has ran into this before. I took the hammer approach and placed the internal ip address in the host file with the URL. This solution works for the desktops at least. Laptops are another story. It sure would be nice to actually have log files or some kind of window into what the Alien is actually doing with this traffic. I'm thinking I'm going to end up with an Edge Router 4 and the Alien will be ending up in bridge mode prior to the year being out.

  • @JDuncan569 Viewing logs is a feature that is not supported on the AmpliFi product line, however you can generate support files from your system after attempting to connect to your server and submit it to our support staff for review. They may be able to tell you exactly what is blocking and hopefully be able to provide you with a solution. Or at least let you know why it is limited and if an edge router with enterprise level configuration would be needed.

  • I'm experiencing a similar issue. I have a webserver on my local network. Wireless traffic to the webserver works just fine but my desktop that is wired doesn't work. External traffic routes fine. If my desktop is switched to wireless then it will work. Manually specifying entries in the hosts file resolve the issue for the desktop. Seems like a bug within the router not resolving DNS entries correctly.

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