Message says "Please add account to Mail app first"

  • In the Amplifi app, when I click either of my routers, then go down to "Support Info", it gives me a message that says "Please add account to Mail app first". I can't find this message in any forums. Any idea what it means or how to fix it? I have an Amplifi Instant and Amplifi HD as my two meshed devices. Thanks in advance.

  • @scotteragon When you generate support files for the support staff and developers to review, it will download a .tar file and automatically attach it into an email addressed to

    If you do not have the default email app configured with an email address, it cannot do anything I described above and that is most likely why you are getting that error.

  • how do you configure a default email account to the app?

  • @Nadine-McCowan You will configure this in your phone, for iPhones I believe the app is called "Mail".

  • @UI-Brett I think you mean configured with an email account and not with an email address. What's occurring here is that the Amplifi app wants to send an email. It attempts to call the native email app to do so. If the native email app has not been configured (it needs to have an account set up on it, things like the email server or service to use, and so on) you get the error code. If you only use Gmail or web mail, you may of never configured the native email app with an account.

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