52 wireless devices, sometimes more

  • I have 52+ wireless devices 10 wired, with 2 Aliens. How many devices can it handle? I notice devices like amazon fire stick, while playing Netflix, will start the movie with a low quality grainy image for a couple of minutes, before I get a high quality image.

  • This sounds more like an internet connection thing than the Alien. I have between 52-55 devices connected, which includes 4 Apple TV’s, an Xbox, kids iPhones and iPads and 2 Firesticks. We often have many of these going at once and never hit an issue with FIOS 500.

  • @Adam-Hall-0 not at all I have gig both ways, but have reported that devices connecting to the mesh unit only see in the 200's down and 100's up.

  • In the app what do the devices show as connection? Apple TV and Firestick both show 866 TX/RX here.

    I haven’t done anything specific in config 🤷♂

  • @Adam-Hall-0 866rx 585tx

  • Hi @Mike-P - is your Fire Stick connected to the RAMP or the main Alien router?
    Is the RAMP wired or wireless backhaul?

    I know people don't seem to like this suggestion, but consider as a test, enabling the Additional 5 GHz Radio with a unique SSID (i.e. 'AlienFire') and connect only the Fire Stick to that SSID and maybe see if it makes a difference for your streaming?

    A couple of minutes of low quality video seems excessive - should just be a a couple of seconds

  • @Derek-Saville RAMP and that is connected via wireless. Also if it is good to use the additional radio wish they would come out and just say so. Its marketed as a tri-band router, but then here they tell you to only use the 3rd radio for compatibility. Which really makes it a duel band router. Kinda misleading to me.

  • Hi @Mike-P - agreed

    In my opinion they leave the Additional 5 GHz radio off by default and don't emphasize it because it doesn't work as well if it is configured with the Common SSID, which is what AmpliFi wants in order to 'keep it simple'

    But if you give it a unique SSID and limit the client access, it can have its advantages in some environments and situations, but you need to test it out

    The Alien is 16 steam (4+4+8) capable and the 5 GHz radios are segregated by band (5.2 vs 5.8 GHz) so there is no downside or potential interference by enabling it with a unique SSID

    Having your Fire Stick connect on 5.2 GHz and letting the Alien backhaul over 5.8 GHz may improve your streaming experience

  • @Derek-Saville It doesn't help that my unit also seems to pick channel 149 in my area even though it's pretty crowded by my neighbors. The lower channels are better in my area for 5ghz, but that is not assigned to the wifi6 radio. DFS would be even better.

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