One TV on Comcast WiFi

  • I am about to purchase two AmpliFi Alien routers. We have no ethernet wiring in a main house w/an unattached guest house, only coax cable TV wiring. We have one of our many TVs on a Comcast WiFi interface (no coax jack at its location). If I buy two Aliens & configure WiFi mesh only setup is it 100% necessary to disable the Comcast modem/router WiFi radios? I fear the WiFi box for the one TV won't work with the Aliens.

  • No it is not required. You can either put the Aliens on Bridge Mode (which means they just do WiFi and hand off to your existing router) or have 2 WiFi networks running. Depends what you want 🙂

  • Hi @Boyd-Lamb - the Comcast Xi5 WiFi cable boxes work on a Bridge mode Alien's SSID with the Comcast Gateway WiFi disabled

    Note that Comcast may ignore any requests to disable their Xfinity Gateway WiFi hotspot and the radios are never truly disabled, so they can interfere if they run on the same channels as the Alien

    For the Alien, you can manually set the 2.4 GHz channel, but it is not yet possible to set the 5.8 GHz channel

  • @Derek-Saville Ahh the old Xfinity Gateway. I could have sworn I turned that feature off. Though I've slept since then and that was a couple of routers ago anyway. The present Xfinity modem/router is "new" and I've personally never logged into it. Comcast tech set it up. He also killed my MoCA adaptors and replaced some MoCA splitters without consulting me first (I was out of town) blaming them for TV problems. Oh well, the MoCA solution was supposed to be a stop gap until I could wire the houses with Cat6 anyway, plus I knew that mesh was getting better so I didn't officially complain to Comcast, prolly would've got me nowhere.

    I just now bought one Alien router to see if it will reach the guest house with decent signal before I buy the 2nd Alien router. If it's decent I'll buy the 2nd and mesh them wireless giving me a 4 port switch in the guest house as well. It sounds like any interference problems or that one Kitchen TV w/Comcast WiFi box can be dealt with in several ways.

    Thanx for the info!

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