Do hard coded mesh points allow non-coded mesh points to connect?

  • I have a router with two hard-coded mesh points, and another router with 3 more (non-coded) mesh points. I have a large multi story house and two out buildings that I’m trying to connect. It seems like the Non-coded mesh points don’t connect to the coded mesh points. They connect to the far away main router even though the coded mesh point is between them. I’m trying to get a stronger connection and having trouble locating these in a way that will accomplish that. The out building connections are unstable and hover between low “good” and “too far.”

  • @kwitzke They can connect to any point in your mesh, as long as they are meshed together properly which it sounds like in your scenario they are. The backend throughput test is what determines where they connect too, so it seems as though even with the connection stating its "too far" from the router, that connection is most likely giving a higher throughput than it would be if it was connecting via the other mesh point.

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