Teleport stuck on 'Connecting. Please Wait.'

  • Hi all,

    I have an Amplifi HD in the UK, an Amplifi HD in the UAE and have just bought an Amplifi Instant to travel with. I have been stuck in COVID lockdown in the Philippines for 3 months and decided to buy an Instant from the UK (purely because of the plug) and have it delivered here.

    After 3 weeks, it finally arrived this morning and I got it configured straight away. I travel with an Apple TV 4K and thought I'd be able to watch all my UK TV... I was wrong.

    From the UAE, this setup works absolutely fine. However, connecting from the Philippines, the Apple TV is stuck with 'Connecting. Please Wait' and won't connect.

    The Amplifi HD in the UK is a main router and has UPNP switched on.

    Any ideas please? I'm gutted! ☹

  • Hi,

    I've resolved this by updating both ends to the latest 3.4.1 beta firmware.

    I'm happy!

  • Hi @Andy-Williams - I am not 100% sure where you are stuck at...would you mind confirming a few things?

    The Instant router is installed in DHCP Mode in the Philippines and functioning fine as a router (even if it Double NAT behind another router)?

    You used the same remote management account as your UK HD router to set up the Instant?

    If you take any client device connected to the Instant and select Teleport to a remote router, it lists your UK HD as available?

    When you connect your AppleTV to the Instant it connects to the internet locally?

    And when you try to R2R Teleport the AppleTV to the UK HD it then never connects to anything?

    PS - I don’t remember, does the Teleport App work on the AppleTV?

  • Good news @Andy-Williams - ignore the above questions...

  • Cheers Derek,

    BTW, firmware 3.4.1 looks official now. My UAE Amplifi HD doesn't see it. Any reason?


  • Hi @Andy-Williams - public firmware releases are staged, so it may take up to a week for a particular release to show up on a router

    You UAE router should see v3.4.1 within the next few days

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