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  • It's crazy there's still no native iPad app! It can be the same thing as the iPhone one, just optimized for the iPad resolution. Running the iPhone app on the iPad looks horrible and it only utilizes portrait orientation. Please please give us an iPad app like all other router manufacturers. Thank you.

  • @zeazzz Good luck getting a clear answer to this!

    This is true of a lot of apps that run on the iPhone and iPad. I don't understand why developers limit these use of the iPad real-estate (landscape not portrait view)! I have questioned this with a few app developers and generally get the same answer, "thanks for the suggestion (not what I sent them), it has been added to the wish list". I have never received a definitive answer as to why this was not done when the app was originally developed.

  • I obviously cannot speak for the Amplifi folks, but can add my 2 cents on the subject. As someone who works in software, and is part of the team that decides what to work on next, it really comes down to a couple of things:

    1. Engineering resources available
    2. Roadmap and unreleased feature priority

    You have to decide the engineering resources you have right now to work on things that need to be worked on. Then you have to decide what those things are based on the roadmap and the priority level of the work on the roadmap. So, the fact that there is no native iPad app must mean that that feature is either not on the immediate roadmap, or it's simply not as important as other features and items that will be worked on first.

    Software roadmaps can also be very fluid, which means certain features could be on deck and scheduled to be done next/soon, but get pushed back because of other things that come up after the current roadmap was agreed on.

    As far as it being easy to release a native iPad app using the exact same iOS app, but using a different resolution... I personally am glad they are not doing this. That is a pretty shitty user experience and doesn't add a single thing to the app, other than a nicer resolution, that the current iOS app provides on the iPad. As someone that has to fight for certain features during these discussions, I cannot tell you how many times I've had to say, "So we don't have enough time to do it right, but we have enough time to do it twice?". I would say the exact same thing if I were asked if we should just throw together a native iPad app that is exactly like the iOS app. Either do it right, or don't do it at all. Or at least not until there are the resources available to do it right.

  • @bshaheen Thanks for your insight and a lot of that makes sense. I would also like to see new features/stability improvements before updates to an app or it to be released on other platforms.

    However, this router is REQUIRED to be managed by an app. The web UI lacks any true management options. It should be on as many devices as possible. I am not an iOS developer but I do know it is quite easy to implement fluid responsiveness through the iOS ecosystem for different devices -- Swift even does a lot of this for you if the app is developed correctly. I also do not see a future iPad app having different features from the iPhone or Android app, as these are the only real ways to manage the hardware.

    I understand there being an engineering restraint and I would never fault a smaller company for that - especially when they truly shine in other areas. It's just surprising to me there isn't one with how easy it would be to add the appropriate views for the iPad, all within the same app code even.

    If they did this, a single code update to the app would support both iPhone and iPad, since they are technically one in the same. That's how the rest of the industry does these apps.

    One last thing, if the web UI had all features of the web app, or if we had something like UniFi Cloud, this wouldn't be an issue, as we could just pull up the full fledged web UI in Safari.

  • @zeazzz I just want to point out again that I don't have any insight into what is going on with this regarding this particular topic and feature. I can only comment on my experience when it comes to product management and software development.

    You have very valid points without having any real vision into why they are making the decisions they're making. There's always really tough discussions and decisions being made internally when dealing with stuff like this. And it's very likely that some people within the company agree with the final decision and others do not. Basically you can't please everyone and that is not only on the customer side of things.

    As far as the router requiring an app to be managed, well, there is definitely an argument that it can be managed with the iPhone and iPad in its current state. So, there is nothing being restricted here. It just looks shitty on the iPad and there could be a better user experience with a native iPad app. That's something that has to be taken into account when deciding on what is to be worked on next. Basically adding a native iPad app doesn't really add any ability to the iPad that's not currently there.

    With the above being said, there's the argument that it won't take much work to do, so why not? Well, it takes more work than you'd think. The Apple SDK does make it easier to implement, but it does not make it automatic. There's still work that must be done, which means a team, or at least an individual, will have to work on this instead of something else. Most of the heavy lifting work (coding) is already done and should be able to be repurposed from the iPhone app, but even that code will likely need to be modified. Not to mention the other work required that is beyond the iPhone code that's already been developed.

    My best guess is that there is other work that is more important. Especially since you can use the iPhone app on the iPad, which means you're not really missing any functionality. There's also another possibility. They could already be working on the native iPad app and it could be so much different and more feature rich than the current iPhone app. And when it's all done they will release it. We just don't know.

    All being said, I can't wait for a native iPad app to eventually be released.

  • @zeazzz Same boat here..... can the developers plz optimize the iPad app please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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