Speed Issues and troubleshooting my 1st Alien

  • @abz786

    For what it's worth I'm convinced this is simply an issue with incorrect results being reported by the Alien router. I have gigabit internet and when I do speed tests from my client devices, I get 950+ mbps on ethernet devices and 600 mbps + from WiFi connected devices.

    However when I run the native speed test form the alien itself, I only get 450mbps. The funny thing is when running a speed test from my PC via ethernet, I actually see the Alien LED display showing a download of 900 + mbps, so it's clearly capable of it.

    I think it's just a faulty test, which is a shame because it makes people lose confidence in the device. Mine is otherwise performing great and no complaints.

  • @Adam-Miller I think that you will find that most people here do not rely on the native speed testing facility built-in within the Amplifi devices as they are very infamous for being inaccurate and experimental. Most rely on third party tools before reporting their poor results.

  • @Ali-Hadi On my devices I use the Speedtest app to check WiFi speeds. However the AMPLIFI app speed test function always gives me higher numbers for router to device speeds which I like! It almost always matches my isp provided speeds on the internet to router speeds. So it seems quite reliable and accurate. Whether the router to device speeds are more accurate than the results in the Speedtest app I don’t know.

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