Can I update a mesh point manually?

  • Hi - I have added a new mesh point into my system. It is on 1.5.1 firmware.

    The app is offering me 3.4.1. Given all the issues I would like to just update the mesh point to match the rest of of my system which is on 3.1.2

    Can someone from support please supply me with the 3.1.2 firmware file and instructions on how to flash manually?


  • @John-Samuelson Have you checked the web interface to the router to see whether is gives you the 3.1.2 option in the web interface? If not contact support who will give you a URL for the FW.
    Do not follow their advice to put the Mesh Point in recovery mode to revert. Do it from the Support/Update web interface of the router.

    That worked like a charm for me while following the support advice via chat the mesh point no longer connects. They seem to have left the chat and gone home before the problem was solved.

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