Alien and AT&T Gigabit issues

  • Hello,

    I am having some issues with my new Alien router and AT&T Gigabit internet 1000.
    I have a BGW210-700 residential gateway that I configured for IP Passthrough and turned off the firewall/wifi radios etc. The gateway while hardwired gets between 900-1000 MBPS downloads and 800-900 MBPS upload.

    When I connected my Alien router I am getting 650-750 on the on screen speed test and inconsistent wifi speeds. I recently purchased some CAT7 Ethernet cables that I am going to try and connect to both from the ONT to the Gateway and then to the Alien to see if that fixes it.

    But to not be able to get atleast the same wired speeds at the POS AT&T wireless gateway with a 400.00 router is insane to me.

    Also: just reconnected my BGW210-700 and my wifi speeds are the same as my new Alien Router...what gives?

    Any feedback/tips appreciated.

  • @Nik-Lulla Some users have reported success with IP passthrough, but the mast majority of the customers I have helped with AT&T (I personally have never used AT&T before) had to place the AT&T equipment as primary, disable the wireless broadcast and place AmpliFi into bridge mode. Have you had the ability to test in this configuration yet?

    Also, we are expanding our server selection for the onboard speed test, but some users are reporting inaccuracies because of incorrect server selection. Please run a 3rd party speed test from a hardwired connection from the Alien (like or to confirm the speeds as well.

  • @UI-Brett - I have disabled the wifi on the AT&T BGW gateway and placed the Amplifi in bridge mode. The results are underwhelming and the gateway has the same if not better wifi speeds as the router.

    I can try to hardwire something to run a test but this seems like a lot to deal with for $400.00 router that is supposed to be highly rated.

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