Dual networks when HD added to router

  • Hi! Can I have the HD on the same internal address as the provided router from the isp. The router/modem from the isp is in bridge mode so not really doing anything. wifi is off. I would like the HD to use the same ip address schema so i can minimise jumps for the devices plugged in to the modems switch. Is there a doc let tells me how to by pass the setup of a second network.

  • @sciversimon Bridge mode is the feature you are looking for. If your Modem/router combo is bridged, then you would not need to change anything on your AmpliFi system This can be confirmed by verifying what your WAN IP is on the LCD screen of your AmpliFi router, and comparing it to what your public IP address is provided by your ISP.

    If your modem/router cannot be placed into full bridge mode, and only can have the WiFi disabled, then you would want to place AmpliFi into bridge mode: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/220979347-Enabling-Bridge-Mode

  • Thanks for the article, explains a few things. If I place the HD in bridge mode (it seems I was wrong about the ISP supplied F@ST™3864AC modem / router, no bridge mode) will that affect its mesh capability? I have an Amplifi Instant mesh system on the way to me. I was going to make both of those units access points to the HD. I know this technically adds a third router to the system but I figure the App would solve that during setup?

    Thanks again

  • @sciversimon said in Dual networks when HD added to router:

    will that affect its mesh capability?

    If I hard wire the Amplifi Instant mesh system to the bridged HD?

  • No, you should be able to have more routers 'as mesh points' to your main AmpliFi which is set up in bridge mode with no problems. You can also do that wireless or with Ethernet backhaul if you just follow the instructions on the website.

  • I have an Amplifi Instant mesh system on the way to me. I was going to make both of those units access points to the HD.

    Hi @sciversimon - that is a problem...kit's that include both a router and a mesh point cannot be added to a stand alone AmpliFi router mesh

    There are limitations that:

    • Only one kit system can be used per mesh
    • The router from the kit system MUST be the main router of the mesh

    In your case you will have two options with the Instant Mesh System that you ordered..

    1. Return it and purchase only individual standalone routers (Instant or HD) to add as mesh points (RAMP)
    2. Make the Instant router from the kit system the primary router for your mesh installation, then factory reset your HD router and add it to the Instant mesh as a mesh point (RAMP)

    The Instant is a less capable router, with a slower processor, but in Bridge mode it might be ok since you do not need NAT, but the Instant is also missing things like the QoS

    So I would recommend option #1 to keep the HD as the primary router if possible, but it isn't mandatory

    FYI - the Instants are also only 2x2 MIMO with a lower spec antenna if that is a consideration for using them as mesh points

  • @Derek-Saville Thanks, I may have to use the instant as the router and add the HD. Not ideal but will give it a go. Will report back once the tech is installed.


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