Stuck at “99% initializing” during boot up

  • I’ve seen some other reports of this. It only seems to happen when I reboot the Alien and have ethernet devices plugged into it. If I unplug the ethernet cables, pull power, and reboot it, it boots up fine. Is this a software bug or something I have to worry about being hardware? Is this a known and submitted bug? Thank you.

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  • What was the solution or outcome here? I rebooted my Alien router (set up as a mesh point) and saw the same freeze at 99% initializing. After that when I did a mesh speed test (not ISP) the speed was a low 135 mbps down and 300 mbps up. Before rebooting and seeing the problem the mesh speeds were above 1,000 mbps up and down. I tried a factory reset and set it up again as a mesh point, but no luck.

  • @heyarnoldmbj They said it was most likely a hardware issue and it’d have to be replaced. Mine is currently being RMA’d. I would recommend putting in a support ticket.

  • @zeazzz Thanks for the reply. I ended up getting an RMA this morning and sent it back earlier this afternoon for a refund. Just wondering if it was a quick fix that I could’ve applied.

    When working, this router is a beast. I want to order a replacement, but still trying to decide because I’m a little weary that it might happen again.

    Luckily, I haven’t had any issues with my first Alien so far.

  • @UI-JT Would you be able to share more info on the hardware issue? Is this a defect or malfunction?

    Also, will other Alien routers that are ordered and shipped out have this same issue?

  • @heyarnoldmbj I have had success performing a manual firmware install with this situation before, it was due to the update either not installing or downloading correctly I believe. It is hard to say if yours is hardware or firmware related, but we can attempt that process if you would like?

  • @UI-Brett I ended up getting an RMA and returned the unit. Thanks for the offer though.

  • @UI-Brett Same issue here. I just contacted support and she recommended an RMA. But, after finding out that I am on the hook for the shipping and will be without a router for over a week that is not an option. IMO that is a horrible policy, this unit is brand new. Our small business is relying on this and pulling the wifi network for over a week forces us to buy another unit. Then what, return it when the RMA comes back? That's not right. Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue? Really wish you guys had a wifi 6 AP on the UniFi line.

  • Really wish you guys had a wifi 6 AP on the UniFi line.

    Hi @nofear72784 - the U6 Lite is available through Early Access Beta...

    ...not sure about the U6 In Wall AP

  • Ok so mine has to be replaced. Is there any update on opening the channel width to 160mhz?

  • I had the same issue. It wouldn't get an IP address from my ISP's modem. I went to change the SSID (fat fingered it on initial setup) and the reboot stuck at 99%. Removed power/ethernet for a few minutes and tried again. Rinse and repeat same results. The unit had literally been out of the box, straight from UPS delivering it, for a max of 10 minutes and now it's an RMA issue pending approval. This doesn't give me confidence in such a pricey solution.

  • @benfrazier I can help you expedite your RMA claim to prevent any further downtime. But if you would like we can attempt to reinstall the firmware first to see if that resolves the issue.

    When it is stuck on 99%, is the wireless network being broadcasted? Can hardwired devices connect to the internet?

  • @UI-AmpliFi Thanks for the reply. The RMA was approved shortly after posting this and, according to UPS tracking, should be delivered to you sometime today. Hopefully it's a quick turn around.

  • Mines doing the same thing after a reboot with ethernet connected.

  • @nofear72784 Wondering if the replacement unit from RMA fixes this?

  • @masputra FWIW I sent mine in via RMA the same day I originally received it for this issue. I have a tracking number for the replacement. I can't wait to find out and hope it goes as smoothly as the multitude of youtube videos show on this router.

  • @benfrazier I see. I'm sending mine in next week. I tried a few experiments, including using the latest beta firmware (3.4.1rc2), and I can conclude now that it has nothing to do with whether plugging in the Ethernet cables would reproduce this reliably. Even with the cables unplugged, I can still get the unit to fail to restart (when rebooted via software) or come up (when power is applied).

    A few additional data points: the LED ring at the bottom of the unit seems to be a good indicator whether the unit will fail to come up. In all the failed cases, the LED ring stays OFF right after power is applied. In all the success ones, the LED ring stays immediately ON.

  • Interesting... I'll be keeping an eye on the LED light when my replacement gets here.

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