100mb limit on lan connection when upgrading network to Amplifi Alien router

  • Is my unit defective or is this a common problem or limit for Amplifi Alien routers?

    I recently upgraded my network router to an Amplifi Alien router and now my LAN connection always adjusts the negotiation speed from 1gb to 100mb. It starts off at 1gb for a few minutes then adjusts down to 100mb.

    My old network setup had LAN connections at 1gb so my hardware is capable of 1gb.

    Why does this happen and how do I correct this?

  • @kevin1999 It could be a defective LAN port, or cable, or feed. It is hard to say what, but I do know this is not a common problem we are facing. The first thing I would test is removing any switches and hardwired devices except for one (the one you know drops to 100) and power cycle the network to bring it back to 1 gb, then wait and see if it drops. If it does, then switch cables and/or LAN ports. If it does not, continue to add each of your LAN devices one by one until the culprit is found.

  • Ahh ok ,let me try to isolate the devices and test out the lan ports/cables. I'll post once I get some results. Thank you for the reply!

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