Ethernet Port 1 very slow

  • Install details...

    I'm using the gamer edition AmplifiHD, with a single mesh point also installed on the other side of my house.

    I have my Cable modem in Bridge mode, with my Amplify router in Router mode.

    I have tried both Hardware NAT enabled and disabled.. No change. I've also tried all 4 of my PC's connected directly to my modem, all of which see full 500mb-1Gbps speeds. (I have a 500mbps plan with my ISP)

    With all 4 PC's connected through wired connection, Port 1 is limited to 30-70 mbps while the rest can reach 900mbps+... swapping which PC is connected to ethernet port 1, the problem follows the port to the newly connected PC.

    Its 100% port 1 causing this.

    Do I need to RMA/return the router?



  • @Greg-Boots Yes, if you tested multiple devices and cables then I think you are correct in saying the port is the defect. Fill out the online form at please

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