2 Amplifi HD routers and ethernet backhaul Question

  • Hi all, I don't own an Amplifi HD system yet, but will soon. I'm trying to figure out what is the best option for me - my house has 2 ethernet drops in each room, so I'm hoping to take advantage of ethernet backhaul, most of my gear is currently hidden away in the basement, but i would like the Amplifi HD routers to be located where i can see them.

    Will this work?

    Cable Modem (basement) --->
    --> [wan] Amplifi HD #1 (family room) [lan] --->
        --> Switch (basement) ---> 
            --> [wan] Amplifi HD #2 (office) [lan] --->
                --> Computer (office)

    It's the use of a switch in between the two routers that I'm not sure about... or do they have to be directly connected ( #1 [lan] ---> #2 [wan] )

    Other option is to just get the kit with the access points and live without ethernet backhaul.

    Thanks in advance,

  • @andy-dewolfe This should work as far as I know.

  • Just wanted to let future readers know that this setup worked exactly as I had hoped it would. Almost didn't do it though - a single Amplifi HD router removed all the dead zones in my house on its own! These things rock!

  • This will not work as the slave devices do not have a separate Ethernet port (wired) so there is no way for you to do backhaul for the slave devices

  • @Ian-Aitken he's referring to two routers, not mesh extenders. Also he's already posted to say it works.

  • Are the two systems able to work in tandem, similar to having multiple Unifi APs setup with SSIDs etc to take care of the hand-off as you wander from one router to another? Or are they completely separate in operation and are effectively treated as two separate networks?

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