centurylink speed

  • I am having a problem, just got centurylink fiber with gig up and down and I have there modem/router in bridge mode and connected directly to my alien and a switch connected to the alien for all my other wired devices. When I do an isp speed test on the alien I am getting full gig speed and when I do one on speedtest.net I also get full gig up and down wired. But my problem is the wireless signal I only get about 360-420 down and 650 up the up is what i would thunk i should be able to get for the down using my Galaxy Note 10+ in wifi 6. I switched from xfinity and just friday when I did a speed test on my phone I was getting 650-700 down now since the only change was the modem and isp why would I not get the same speeds from centurylink

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