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  • Hi, I have 500/500 Verizon FiOS. I have 1 computer connected directly to FiOS router and it gets consistent 500/500 or even more. I have the AmpliFI HD wired with Cat6A 20ft cable to the FiOS router as well and when I run speed test on the AmpliFI I don't get more than 250/250. I tried Bridge mode as well, and it seems to get worst. Right now I just ran a speed test and I am getting 120/120 on my laptop connected to the AmpliFI wireless
    Any idea of what could this be?

  • Hi @Eduardo-Cavasotti,

    Please try to use another application for testing, example: Speedtest, it will probably give you a more accurate result.

    Please see my earlier posting for tuning network. Information is as is.

    You can try to change channels for your different Wifi bands, 2,4Ghz and 5Ghz. Channels are changed from the Amplifi app and there will be a reconnect to you Wifi when you this change.

    Please see below notes from an earlier post, information is as is:

    -Steps to follow to troubleshoot Wifi connections:

    -I added an extra SSID on 5 Ghz band for those devices that had most problems (performance internet speed issues and latency in ping, up to 3000ms), iPhone 7 Plus, iPad Pro 9,7, Macbook 12 2015, Mac Mini 2014, Lenovo Thinkpad L490 - Windows 10. All devices are updated to latest version of OS and drivers.

    -I scanned my neighborhood for interference Wifi networks and changed channels for 2,4Ghz (channel 9) and 5Ghz (channel 48). I put all my IoT and smart home devices on the 2,4Ghz network. I used the following software to scan for interference Wifi:

    Please let me know if you need further information.



  • @Mikael-Johansson Thank you for the response. I will double check the things you pointed out. however, how can you explain the speed dropped in half by the Amplify router? If I speed test with Speedtest straight from the FiOS router I get 500/500. The Amplify router is connected directly to the FiOS router and I get 200ish/200ish. If I speed test via wifi it goes down most of the time to 150/150. I should be getting 500/500 at the Amplifi router regardless of wifi settings. No?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi again @Eduardo-Cavasotti,

    No worries. I have had similar issues as you. I hade problems with FW 3.30 and then upgraded to 3.41 and it solved my problems. I do have an Ampli HD Router with two mesh points.

    Your environment does matter, for example, concrete walls, wood walls, interference from other networks channels etc. All setups are different.

    But basically the Amplifi router should be in the middle and the Mesh points tol "left" and "right" of the router.

    See below link regarding placement:

    But as I wrote above I moved all my low speed devices to 2.4 Ghz network and then created a 5Ghz network for my more demanding devices, Apple TV, my work laptops etc.

    After I did the above I did get better performance and stability.

    Although I did the following changes in WebGUI (adblocker and beta selections are advanced options, and are at your own risk).

    I have a fibre connetion with converter connected to my Amplifi Router directly (no modem). I have 250/100 and I get around 220/90 on 5Ghz Wifi. Although, I then needed to change my channels as a lot of other Wifis used the same channels.

    The speed of 220/90 on 5Ghz Wifi is achived on Windows 10 Lenovo Laptop that is fully updated (fw, drivers and Windows). On my iOS and Macbook, the speed is around 65% of the Windows computer, connected to same SSID and on same spot.

    This seems to be an issue with Apple devices, and from my understanding (@Amplifi staff, please correct me if I'm wrong), as other users has reported problems with Apple devices. Amplifi staff is investigating this.

    Please see my attached picture of my setup in the web interface.


    All the best,


  • Thank you again for the response. What I was trying to say is that the difference in speed is comparing both wired connections. not even via Wifi. I have a computer connected to the FiOS router via cat6 cable and I have the AmpliFI router also wired to the same switch with cat6a cable. The computer gets 550/550 and the AmpliFI would not go passed 250/250 - I don't understand why. Both should have the exact same speed since they are connected to the same router. My WiFi is as good as the AmpliFI allows me to be which is usually between 100 to 250 up and down..

  • 0_1592858378392_IMG_4863.PNG 0_1592858384647_IMG_4861.PNG 0_1592858583231_Screen Shot 2020-06-22 at 4.42.58 PM.png

    Look at this.. one is a speed test from my phone over wifi. The other is from the AmpliFi App directly from the device. and the other is from my computer connected to the same router as the Amplifi Router both wired.

  • Hi @Eduardo-Cavasotti,

    Thanks for clarifying. It do seems rather strange. I will check with my ISP tomorrow and and ask them to raise my speed on the Internet connection, and I will do some test and get back to you so we can compare.



  • Hi @Eduardo-Cavasotti,

    Unfortunately, my ISP could not offer higher speed than 250/100 in our area. So I will not be able to execute any tests.

    All the best,


  • @Eduardo-Cavasotti You said the AmpliFi router is ran through a switch, then connected to the Verizon modem? Have you tested directly connecting the AmpliFi router to the Verizon modem/router to see if the hardwired speeds improve? Just a test to rule out any potential issues in-between the two devices.

  • @UI-Brett Hi Brett, thank you for your response. No, the AmpliFI is not connected to a switch, but directly to the FiOS router along with another computer that I use for work and it is outside of the AmpliFI network. So I have 2 devices connected to the FiOS router the computer and the AmpliFI HD, both using cat6a patch cable of 25ft. Thank you in advance for your help.

  • @Eduardo-Cavasotti In that case, I would suggest running the built in app speed test, followed by a hardwired 3rd party speed test from any device hardwired to the AmpliFi router. Then after performing a speed test generate support logs so our developers can look into why the speeds are dropping unexpectedly

  • 0_1592942250558_AFi-R-HD_18e82953c849_2020-06-23_15-54-47-enc-cluster.tar

    Here are the logs. This was what I did yesterday. I was never able to get more than 213 as you can see on the screenshot attached. Where I do get consistently 550/550 directly from the FiOS router. It is not that the speed drops, it never really get there. Thanks!


  • @Eduardo-Cavasotti The support files will not transfer when posted on the community. Will you please email them to me directly?

  • @UI-Brett just emailed them to you, thanks!

  • Hi, any updates on this? Thank you!

  • Hi, did you try to use hardware NAT?

  • @francis0784 hi! Yes, i just enabled it and it didn’t do anything. Thanks for chiming in..

  • @Eduardo-Cavasotti

    No problem.

    I don’t have the same bandwidth as you do but I did noticed a weird issue with the WAN port. You have to play with the cable so it fits right, otherwise it will drop the speed considerably.

    I have 150/30 and notice a month ago that my bandwidth dropped to 50/5 or less! Checked everything software side, then I noticed that when I move the amplifi it disconnects, the no connection status is displayed. Reseated the cable and speed went back up. It seems that the WAN port is really sensitive, try cleaning it also, see if that helps.

    Next best thing is to return it.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • @francis0784 If you have issues with the WAN port and it is within the warranty period follow up with the RMA team.

  • @Eduardo-Cavasotti After reviewing your support files, it does show that the internet connection is unreliable. This could be caused from the WAN port on AmpliFi, a bad or failing cable, an issue with the modem, or something simple like @francis0784 mentioned where it may just need to be reseated.

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