Different HD mesh points

  • New user and not as happy as I hoped I would be. I bought the standalone router, but coverage is not as good as I hoped, not much better than the 2in1 modem/router from comcast. This led me to look at the standalone mesh points but they are not even available at this time. In the comparison chart they have "Amplifi HD router and mesh point" as one option and a different looking bundle called "Amplifi Mesh Wi Fi system". What is the difference? Which one do you get if you buy the standalone mesh points? And do we know when they will be available, considering returning the router at this point

  • @Richard-Smith said in Different HD mesh points:

    What is the difference?

    The HD kit has a new shell for mesh points which was a recent change to match the style of the Gamer's Edition after some positive feedback. The older style will still perform the same as the new style, since it is just a cosmetic change.

    You are correct, currently the stand alone mesh points are sold out, which is why you are having a hard time finding it as an add on. Check our store throughout this week because we are expecting replenishment near the end of June: https://store.amplifi.com/products/amplifi-meshpoint-hd

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