Can I use AmpliFi HD as meshpoints with the Alien?

  • Today I use AmpliFiHD as router and meshpoint. Is it possible to use the Alien as router and the AmpliFiHD routers as meshpoints with an easy setup?

  • @Joje69 There is no way to mesh the HD system with the Alien. The only work around would be to use bridge mode, but they you would have two different broadcasts (even with same SSID) and the devices would not have as seamless handoff between points.

  • Hi @Joje69 - as @UI-Brett said, the HD's are unfortunately not natively compatible with the Alien, and if you are trying to use one single Common SSID, roaming hand-off can be difficult for clients

    If you are interested in running a separate SSID, there is one additional option to take advantage of an HD...

    1. Enable the Alien's Additional 5 GHz Radio with a unique SSID
    2. Install the HD in 3rd Party Router mode using the unique WiFi-5 SSID

    The HD will be managed independently, but after setup you really only need to install firmware updates directly from the LCD

    This option can provide remotely bridged Ethernet ports to you main network, and extend the secondary SSID beyond the main Alien's SSID for additional coverage

    You can also manually control the channel that the WiFi-5 radio uses so it doesn't interfere with the Alien's WiFi network

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