Teleport Samsung smart TV between two Amplifi HD routers

  • Hello! My parents have a lake cottage with internet but no TV service. They are Xfinity subscribers at home so I had them setup two Amplifi HD routers, one in their home and one at the (remote) cottage. At the remote site, I setup teleport for the smart tv back to the home network and enabled LAN access for the remote tv connection on the home router. The remote tv connects sucsessfully.

    When they try to run the Xfinity Stream app on the remote smart tv, the app won't let them stream beacuse they aren't on their home network. Is this expected? Doesn't the Teleport app exist solely so that a remote device thinks it's on a home network? This is why I had them buy these two routers. Should this setup work and is there any other setup I need to do?

    Thanks for the help!

  • @zero9099 It sounds like you have configured it correctly. I in fact use a very similar setup for Xfinity and this works for me. I suggest downloading support info from both locations for us to review to see if we can identify what might be causing this issue. Please gather support info right after attempting a connection with the Xfinity app

  • Thanks Brett! I just sent logs from both routers to the help line. I appreciate the help

  • Hi @zero9099 - if you can test it, does the Xfinity Stream app work on any other devices, like a tablet (i.e. iPad) using the Teleport app to connect to the home router?

    If you have the Xfinity Stream app on a mobile device, or if you have a laptop that can access the Xfinity Stream website (, can you see if they work using the Teleport Router-to-Router feature at your parents' lake cottage?

    It might help to know if the issue is specific to the smart tv

  • Good call Derek. I just walked them through streaming from a tablet via the Xfinity Stream app and they were able to access non-TvGo channels with teleport enabled. Access stopped when I disabled teleport. So it looks like Teleport is working (yay!) and the issue is specific to the smart TV.

    ...the plot thickens! Any chance there are more configuration options we can try with either router to get the TV working?

  • @zero9099 After reviewing support files it looks like the reason the app does not connect is because of compatibility with our Teleport VPN service. Some devices and app use multicast or other discovery protocol, and it can fail. This is a limitation specific to devices and applications, this is why your TV is not working, but your tablet is.

  • Thanks for clarifying Brett. I've never heard of a "multicast discovery protocol" before. So you're saying it's either specific to the TV or the Smart TV build of the Xfinity app. Is there any way to know which one implements the protocol? Does that mean that potentially getting a different TV would work and, if so, any way to know which TVs implement incompatible discovery protocols? or is that beyond the scope of Ubiquiti support.

  • Whelp, we fixed it. turns out that the first time the smart tv app was authorized, teleport wasn't setup. Apparently if you authorize the app out of the home network, it doesn't matter if you later teleport to the home network. you have to reinstall and reauthorize the app while the VPN is running.

    So it can work on Samsung smart TVs (this was a 2020, 7000 series) through two Amplifi HD routers. Thanks for all the help! Y'all make amazing networking gear.

  • @zero9099 Thank you for updating this thread! Good to know that with Smart TV's and the Xfinity service you need to re-authorize with the VPN enabled.

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