Wifi Calling Performance

  • Hi,

    I haven't purchased an Amplifi mesh system yet but am wondering if anyone is using it for wifi calling and how well it works? I'm on a different mesh router system now which is constantly dropping and/or unable to establish wifi calls.

    Specifically I am looking to use two Amplifi routers with an ethernet backhaul to cover two buildings in a fairly remote area (no cell signals). Any feedback if wifi calling works in this setup is much appreciated.


  • In that scenario you're better using UniFi kit. Put in a couple of UniFi AC LR's.

    Until the WiFi fix from UniFi is ported to the AmpliFi (next firmware release) it's unlikely to be reliable.

  • Thank you. I ended up with two access points (UAP-AC-PRO-US). The setup was painless and the wifi calling is perfect.

  • @patrick-allen Can I ask what you are using for a Router? My understanding is the Ubiquiti APs need one. I was considering going that way, but the built in router and plug-n-play of the Amplifi is appealing. (Less boxes, power cords, etc).

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