Wifi Calling Performance

  • Hi,

    I haven't purchased an Amplifi mesh system yet but am wondering if anyone is using it for wifi calling and how well it works? I'm on a different mesh router system now which is constantly dropping and/or unable to establish wifi calls.

    Specifically I am looking to use two Amplifi routers with an ethernet backhaul to cover two buildings in a fairly remote area (no cell signals). Any feedback if wifi calling works in this setup is much appreciated.


  • In that scenario you're better using UniFi kit. Put in a couple of UniFi AC LR's.

    Until the WiFi fix from UniFi is ported to the AmpliFi (next firmware release) it's unlikely to be reliable.

  • Thank you. I ended up with two access points (UAP-AC-PRO-US). The setup was painless and the wifi calling is perfect.

  • @patrick-allen Can I ask what you are using for a Router? My understanding is the Ubiquiti APs need one. I was considering going that way, but the built in router and plug-n-play of the Amplifi is appealing. (Less boxes, power cords, etc).

  • Any update on this?


  • Hello @nate-rinzema ,

    Yes, WiFi calling works great with AmpliFi. I can assist in answering any additional questions that you may have.

  • I am confirm it works great without any problems.

  • @ubnt-jack recently I lost the ability to use WiFi calling on my ATT phone and I think it might have coincided w an Amplifi update. I read in a forum that WiFi calling can require certain router settings. Do you recommend any changes on the router?

  • @jeff-lennan Is this a mobile personal smartphone that is experiencing this? Or is this a wireless VOIP phone at home?

    Either way, let's start with some simple troubleshooting steps that come quickly to mind to see if this can be resolved.

    1.) Try re-establishing the handshake between your AmpliFi router and the ATT phone. This can be done by going into the settings of your phone and "forgetting this WiFi network". This will disconnect your phone and the AmpliFi WiFi. Next, reconnect and re-imput your wireless password. This will re-establish the connection. Test your WiFi calling again.

    2.) I know it's simple, but let's try rebooting both the AmpliFi router and the phone in question. Power it off, and power it back up. Test your WiFi calling again.

    3.) Factory reset the router. This can be done by following the this helpcenter article's instructions HERE: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/115000404608-How-do-I-reset-my-router-to-the-factory-default-settings-

    Hope this helps!

  • @ubnt-jack Just to chime in here, I've had the same loss of WiFi calling on my iPhone ( ios 12.1 ) since 2.9 revisions start rolling out. I can temporarily get it back, but it never lasts. Prior to 2.9, it was rock solid.

  • @john-a Have you noticed any additional interference in the 5ghz range?

  • @ubnt-jt
    I think it's a issue of all Ubiquiti products. I use Amplifi HD Router, Edge Router Lite and Unifi Security Gateway. From about January 2019 i experience the same problem. Using Wifi Calling on iPhone often not working , call is dropped or i got 10 seconds or more of silence. My cellular operator is Orange. Thanks to having friend in Orange i can trace the issue in real time. The ports is 500 and 4500 using ikev2 protocol. The connection is always dropped at intitator side - iPhone connected to network. On USG and Edge router Lite i can make firewall rules to coresponding ports, but it still no helps. So it must be realted to firmware in these 3 devices. On the other side i don't have this kind of issues on Cisco routers.

  • @ubnt-jt Initially I did put it down to interference due to relocating the HD router, but then I tested it when sat next to a HD mesh point with 100% signal strength to the "master" ( part of the reason I moved it ), and found the symptoms the same. I've since added an Instant as another mesh point, and things are still the same ( it's as @Mishra mentions, call is dropped upon pickup or there's silence ) .

  • @mishra said in Wifi Calling Performance:

    I use Amplifi HD Router,

    For what it's worth, I use Amplifi HD Router and have no issues with more than one ATT iOS device and WiFi calling. Our cellular coverage inside the house is lousy, hence our use of WiFi calling. We're curently on 2.95, but it worked fine on earlier firmware versions as well.

  • Was hoping to find an answer to this here. I'm experience the same issues with wifi calling dropping calls. This started when I installed the Amplifi HD Router.

  • @argelius-hessel We have no known issues with wifi calling, do you have the option to us AmpliFi as a brige?

  • @patrick-allen have you tested the beta program?

  • @Jack I’m experiencing problems with WiFi calling also. It all started with the installation the Alien Router. Any help is deeply appreciated!

  • @Pablo-Morell send @UI-Brett your support logs... newer iPhone by any chance? It works perfectly with the HD units but there's something up with connectivity to the Alien units

  • @Tristan-Baptist Yeap! It's an iPhone 11 Pro Max with 2 Alien Routers (MESH) and an additional Mesh Router (with Ethernet Backbone).

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