Wifi Calling Performance

  • @Pablo-Morell yeah I’m having issues with 2 of those same phones on a stand-alone alien unit... send him the support files.

  • I too am exhibiting dropped calls on WiFi this past few months with the HD mesh. I am trying to narrow down the drops with Tmobile, as they are pretty certain it is my network. Hope it’s not the case.

  • Same issue here. iPhone 11Pro, 3 Alien routers, wifi calling not working.
    Works perfectly on iPad Pro with the same set up and via Macbook pro laptop.
    I have tried rebooting phone, pulling out SIM card and reset network settings to no avail.

  • @Tigres I've had perfect success with the HD Mesh and WiFi calling on iPhones and the ATT network. Note this is not with an Alien; unless Amplifi wants to send me a test unit I've no hands on experience with that model. My setup is a single HD unit and two mesh satellites.

  • I also having an issue with all my 4 iphones in the house the past 6-7 months before that no problems. Seems like after an update rolled out I'm unable to use wifi calling. Calls are dropped since the service coverage by my provider is minimal out in my area. I have Amplifi HD running 3.1.2 revision 0-g5de4b81633. Is there any configurations needed

  • @Tom-Coco @Tigres @cpd1 The best thing to do in this scenario is to gather support files to help us understand what is happening. Generate support files immediately after you experience issues if possible, that way we can work with our existing known reports of this issue, cross reference and pin point a solution. When you email in the support files, reference this community thread so we can link them together.

  • Hi, any news on this, I am in the UK and use EE for my phone provider, I was about to get the Ubiquiti Amplifi HD, but rely on WiFi Calling, so holding fire till there's more good news!

  • @Adam-Barnes We do not have an ETA on the fix but we are still working on understanding the problem causing the issue. It is hard to replicate so if anyone has this issue please send us support information.

  • @UI-JT I cannot make any outgoing calls when I have WiFi calling turned on my iPhone 11 Pro Max (AT&T is the provider) and I am on my AmpliFi Alien network. If I try WiFi calling on a different WiFi network (say my neighbor’s or brother’s WiFi when I go to visit them), I have no issues.

    What should I do to help provide information to get this resolved? I would love to be able to utilize WiFi calling on my phone, because my reception from cell service is not always that great.

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