Teleport Update

  • Trying to update the teleport which I have not used in several months. You guys should be ashamed of yourself on how hard this thing is to use.

  • I got it connected, what an ordeal

  • @David-Verch it is a test of patience and perseverance. Lol.

  • @Ali-Hadi I have not traveled in a while so it had been sitting. When I plugged it in it was not broadcasting the SSID. I read resetting the thing would cure that but then I had to repair the thing. Then I was not sure if it was tethered to my phone because you can't connect it to you home network. Then I was like wait I have to get my android phone because I have the app on my iPhone. Then I was not sure if it was connected so I kept hitting the WiFi symbol on the web interface which restarts the thing. Finally I was able to let it restart without touching anything. Meanwhile the damn thing has bluetooth so if you are home why can't it just update via either your phone or the amplifi HD that is in the same room.

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