Amplifi HD + Mesh Point working well w/ anecdotal observations

  • Here's my setup in my 3000 sq ft 2-story home w/ finished basement -

    • Amplifi HD is main router plugged into DOCIS 3.0 modem (300MB/30MB) on first floor west corner room (home office)
    • Mesh Point is upstairs in spare bedroom which is middle of the second floor
    • We've got all Apple devices (MacBook Pro, Air, iPhones, Apple TV) and Switch and PS4 in basement. Also about four IoT devices that require 2.4.
    • I have a Circle Gen 2 device for all the kids stuff (wired into router)
    • Synology NAS (wired into router)
    • I have a Unifi Flex Mini 5-port switch connected to HD which services several devices and the occasional need.

    I get great signal all over the house and outside front and back patio. I get pretty good speeds all over. Devices which support 5Ghz get on that and only use 2.4Ghz when at the edge rooms and basement... although the Switch and PS4 connect to 5Ghz. The farthest corner upstairs where my wife has small office is routinely between 75-125 Mbps. Basement where there is no unit is the same speeds. Bedrooms and rooms on first floor which are much closer to router and mesh point are routinely 150 Mbps or greater. We stream like crazy and both my wife and I use Zoom all day for work. I'm wired into the router in home office and wired speeds come very close to service max throughput. The router is running FW 2.8.2 and mesh is FW 2.9.1.

    All this being said... when I purchased the HD and mesh point in Feb I immediately updated the firmware and had lots of problems with poor wifi performance. After reading posts here I switched channels as neighborhood is crowded. I downgraded firmware on both devices and haven't look back. Been following all these threads with much empathy.

    These anecdotal observations might help someone get better performance and stability -

    • Definitely do a wireless network scan and try to manually select a unused channel.
    • I turned off my 15 yr old DECT wireless phone system. It had four phones scattered throughout out the home. We are totally cellular now.
    • I moved my wireless printer farther away (it's about 5 feet from router) and is plugged into a different outlet.
    • [Update: Just remembered] After following threads on this forum and suspecting heat might be a major contributor to instability and reduce lifespan, I turned off the led light on the bottom of the router. The front panel is only lit during the work day w/ brightness set pretty low. Leds are off on the mesh point as well.

    I think I've only rebooted the system twice since March, once because I swapped out a UPS system. I've only accessed the web interface to downgrade that week after purchase. I think the biggest changes that led to stability where the firmware downgrades and turning off the wireless phone system.

    I'm happy to share any config settings I have if requested. Again, I'm very empathetic to everyone's frustrations. I hope this post is helpful.

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