Using Alien in the UK

  • Hi all, I have bought an AmpliFi Alien and am using it in the UK, i am seeing a really high packet loss on the network. is there a regional firmware that i need? or a setting that i may be missing.

  • @vallismd This device is not in compliance with EU RF standards, you will likely be facing many issues from interference as they have different specifications than US standards.

  • @UI-JT Hi JT, there are a few suppliers listed in the uk as stockists of the alien router. Is there a Uk specific version or and international one with regional firmware?

  • @vallismd There is not a regional Firmware available or an international version of the device. The device is currently only approved for the US I am not sure why the device is being marketed there. Who is the retailer you got the device from? Also PM me your MAC ID.

  • Do we have any update on when the device will be available in the UK? I am assuming there is a still a plan to bring the device to the UK and other EURO markets?

    Many Thanks!.

  • I second the question above, I have a UniFi Dream Machine but am replacing it with a new Asus RT-AX86U because the Dream Machine is very fiddly to setup, and gets interference and lags in online gaming.
    But as the Amplifi Alien isn’t in the U.K. I’m trying the Asus out.

    So do you have any estimate as to when the Alien will officially be on sale in the U.K.? It’s that simple plug in and go type of device I’d prefer to have.

  • @Derek-Saville Ooh thank you 🙂 can you split the SSID on the Amplifi?

  • can you split the SSID on the Amplifi?

    Hi @Mark-Richards - if you mean separating the SSID’s between 2.4 GHz & 5 GHz then yes

    But please note that Alien has a unique tri-band configuration

    802.11ax only operates on the 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz (upper) bands

    The 5.2 GHz (lower) band is 802.11ac only, and can be split out as an optional third SSID

    You can also create secondary SSID’s per band per access point

  • @Derek-Saville Ah then that’s a problem. Here in the U.K. the popular Sky TV satellite service Sky Q system uses the internet, for catchup and film and programme downloads etc, it only uses the 2.4GHZ band on none Sky routers and from my experience with it for several years now, it does NOT like systems that use a combined SSID. It much prefers to run on a separate SSID otherwise it loses connection, and the. It loses connection to its satellite TV boxes, you have one main box with the satellite feed and recording facility, and then it uses a kind of a mesh AV system to connect to satellite boxes you have round your home. You can use Ethernet but it’s finicky.
    May be worth thinking about? Although I may get one in the early access to test for you but if it doesn’t work then I wouldn’t be able to keep the Alien.

  • @Derek-Saville This is the exact problem I had with my Amplfi HD kit, I loved it, but Sky Q was constantly dropping out no matter what setting I applied, I tried everything!!!. In the end I had to sell and purchase Google Wifi and while not as feature rich it works a treat with Sky Q so the family are happy!. Do you think the Alien will also have this problem?, be a shame as I would like to go back, but it needs to work better with Sky Q.

  • Hi @Mark-Richards - you can create a dedicated (non-combined) 2.4 GHz SSID that is not "meshed"
    You can also separate the primary 2.4 GHz SSID from the 5 GHz SSID if you want to run them independently, which is what I do

    The Alien has a lot of flexibility when it comes to SSID's
    You can have one SSID to rule them all, up to 6 independent SSID's + 1 Guest SSID per mesh point, or any combination in-between

    But this is still Early Access Beta, so not sure what compatibility issues you might run into beyond the SSID's (i.e. WiFi-6 compatibility, PPPoE Multicast, etc.)

  • Do you think the Alien will also have this problem?, be a shame as I would like to go back, but it needs to work better with Sky Q.

    Hi @Andy-Jenkins - the Alien is different from the HD's, so it is hard to predict how Sky Q will react to it without trying it out

    I suggest direct messaging @UI-AmpliFi and confirming the return policy if there are Sky Q issues

    This is the exact reason they want to go through the Early Access Beta process and I would expect a liberal policy so they can get the feedback

  • @Derek-Saville Ok so based on that I’ve orders one, I’ll send my Asus one back as I haven’t got it yet. If I get too much trouble I’ll send the alien back but am willing to test it for a bit. I can always use home plugs and Ethernet if needed..

  • Hi @Mark-Richards - please check the Ubiquiti return policy on early access beta purchases in the EU

    There is a chance that you may not be able to send the Alien back, so you might cancel the order until the policy is clear

  • @Derek-Saville I raised the question in the thread, as under Consumer Rights distance selling laws you can send a product back no questions asked.

  • I'm in the UK and have just got an EU early access Alien router + 1 mesh.
    Have got it up and running fine with a mix of iPhones/Sky Q/TV streaming/Win10 OS.

    I have an issue connecting to a Dell Precision M6800 Win 7 OS (Intel PROSet Wifi chipset). Can't see the SSID for some unknown reason?

  • @chillo430 Can you check for driver updates for the WiFi chip?

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    Have replied in the post: SSID not broadcast? Win 7 OS.

    Wifi driver version:

    Intel 7260 WiFi Driver
    Network 09 May 2016
    Version:, A19

    Last Updated Date: 30 Oct 2019

    File Name: Network_Driver_48WF6_WN32_18.33.0.2_A19.EXE

    This is the most up to date driver.

  • Hi @chillo430 - you might want to try the drivers from the Intel website

    I had a couple Dell corporate laptops which couldn’t find Alien WiFi-6 SSID’s until the drivers were updated

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