Using Alien in the UK

  • Hi all, I have bought an AmpliFi Alien and am using it in the UK, i am seeing a really high packet loss on the network. is there a regional firmware that i need? or a setting that i may be missing.

  • @vallismd This device is not in compliance with EU RF standards, you will likely be facing many issues from interference as they have different specifications than US standards.

  • @UI-JT Hi JT, there are a few suppliers listed in the uk as stockists of the alien router. Is there a Uk specific version or and international one with regional firmware?

  • @vallismd There is not a regional Firmware available or an international version of the device. The device is currently only approved for the US I am not sure why the device is being marketed there. Who is the retailer you got the device from? Also PM me your MAC ID.

  • Do we have any update on when the device will be available in the UK? I am assuming there is a still a plan to bring the device to the UK and other EURO markets?

    Many Thanks!.

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