Possible bad WAN port?

  • I recently purchased a used Amplifi HD mesh system that was reportedly working fine when shipped to me. I have gone through the setup process connected to my ATT Uverse NGV589 modem/router. No matter which cable I use or which port on the router, the WAN port keeps reporting that a cable is not plugged in. I even tried looping from the WAN port to one of the 4 ethernet ports on the Amplifi router (suggested in another topic) and still reports that WAN is not connected. I am replacing a TP-Link Deco9 mesh system that is currently connected to the NVG589 fine and is able to work via IP pass-through. Is it a configuration issue that I am experiencing or could the WAN port itself be faulty? Would Amplifi replace the unit under warrantly or should just cut my losses and return to the person who sold it to me?


  • @David-Lawrence Hello, this sounds like a bad WAN port I would return the device or check with RMA if it is in warranty rma.ui.com

  • @UI-JT Thanks. I noticed when filling out the form on rma.ui.com, it is asking for a proof of purchase. Is this required if I purchased from a third-party and if so doe that mean that RMA is not a valid option for me?

  • @David-Lawrence You will need a form of receipt. I believe if you got it from a non authorized retailer it may be void but contact them at rma@ui.com.

  • @David-Lawrence Yes, proof of purchase will be required. If you still have the option, I would seek a return from the person you purchased it from.

  • I'm experiencing the same issue. Router shows "no internet connected" but as long as device is in ARP tables, it still works....a reboot resolves it but it's happening about every 12-16 hours.

    Wish they made a way for us to unbind the meshpoints from the router so we could purchase ONLY a replacement AFi-R.

    Got this device for Christmas of 2019 from my grandfather. He recently passed and there's NO way to get a receipt.

    Ubiquiti has no exceptions to this process. My serial number is showing out of warranty so now not only am I stuck with two unusable meshpoints, they won't replace the last thing my grandfather gave me.

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