Only getting 290 Mbps on 1 Gbps wired connection via HD router?

  • I just bought a Amplifi HD router to replace my 6 year old Netgear. The performance on wired is really bad. I have a desktop PC wired directly to it and I am getting a max of about 290 Mbps on a 1 Gpbs connection. If I go direct to Arris SB8200 on Xfinity I get between 700-900. Can the HD not handle throughput above 300 ? This is on wired, not even trying wireless yet.
    0_1593485454352_Amplifi HD Slow.png
    This shows via router, not via router and then via router again. I have swapped cables between router and modem. Is this device just underpowered?

  • Is Hardware NAT on in the setting on the Amplifi? Under Setting/General/Hardware NAT

  • @Cameron-Jerome Thanks for bringing that up. It was. However I turned it off and tested and it was much better. Then turned it back on and it was even better yet. I turned on Hardware NAT fresh out of the box when it was on a much older I think 2.9.X firmware. Then it upgraded to 3.4.1. I am guessing the settings were messed up and needed to be reset. Changing that setting also improved my Wi-Fi perf. I am able to get to 450 on my iPhone SE 2020. I was capping out at 280 something on Wi-Fi too. I wonder if there are any other settings that are flaky like that post upgrade? Either way much happier now.
    0_1593534885958_Amplifi HD Fast.png

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