amplifi.lan vs app?

  • I just got my AmpliFi HD yesterday and after some tweaks got it working well. I am curious about the settings available in amplifi.lan vs app? I was looking for Hardware NAT setting for example and I couldn't find it in the App. It seems there are a bunch of settings only available via amplifi.lan. Also are those settings and how they work described in detail somewhere? I understand the theory of hardware NAT but I can't think of any reason to not enable it? What exactly does the ad-blocker block? I know most of the Wi-Fi stuff and it is generally well documented elsewhere. Just curious if there is better docs than the half sentence below each option. Thanks.

  • @brianhfasps Here is a breakdown to the settings in the web based interface. The web interface does have more settings and is used for advanced settings, we use this often to resolve specific network issues. These settings normally do not need to be changed. Ad blocker is a DNS based filter that will block most basic ads, YouTube ads may be embedded so they may still appear.


  • @UI-JT Thanks for the reply. I am still curious in what scenarios you want to disable Hardware NAT? What is the potential downside. There must be a reason it isn't on all the time by default.

  • @brianhfasps Yes, that is a link to our support article which explains the different settings found in the WebUI

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