WiFi Dropouts

  • I have a Gamer Edition with the router in the downstairs office and the two mesh extenders in the living area. Backbone is on 2.4G for better distance and signal at each of the mesh points is ~-51 to 59dbm. I have terrible cellular signal inside my home so use Wifi calling. Seems like at least once a day I'm on a call and the call quality goes south or drops and I do notice that the Wifi signal on the phone has dropped to like one bar but then quickly recovers back to four or five. Haven't been working that much in the office but don't recall any wifi dropouts like this down there where the router is so don't think it's a phone issue.

    Any suggestions?

    Also, only gear in the house using the network right now besides my phone is a couple of wifi enabled appliances and a laptop...

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0 Try enabling 802.11K and 802.11V and then test for better quality.
    Are you roaming throughout the house when your calls drop? Is this on iOS or Android devices?

  • Where do I enable K & V? I've looked through all the app settings and can't find any of those settings? This is a Gamers Edition not Alien. Thnx!

  • @Mike-Gendimenico-0 This can all be found in the WebUI. Here is an article on how to access these features: https://help.amplifi.com/hc/en-us/articles/360018569574-Advanced-Settings-in-the-Web-UI

  • Thanks! Found it... Hopefully that improves things. Just don't understand why you guys have to split functions between the app and the crippled web UI. The app is convenient to have but for setup and administrative purposes, a full Web UI is so much easier. All the other Unifi products have a full Web UI, why can't you guys just clone that for Amplfi?....

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