'Switch Amplifi' to connect to remote access unit stuck at 'please wait'

  • Trying to connect to an Amplifi system with remote access enabled. 3Bar -> login as correct Ubiquiti account. 3Bar -> Switch Amplifi sits and spins 'looking for Amplifi devices'. Have tried with wifi off, currently at home with a Unifi network, need to connect to a clients Amplifi setup.

    iPhone 11Pro, iOS 13.5.1
    Amplifi app 1.13.1

  • @halfrack If their network is down, it would show the unit as "Offline", so the issue you are describing is either account related, or connection related.

    • Do you have other devices that can view your remote access accounts when logged in?
    • You said you logged in with the correct Ubiquiti account, do you have other account credentials you use? Are they displaying any remote connections or same failure?

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