USB Port to for adding a hard drive.

  • I'd love to see the USB port have functionality be added so an external drive could be attached and used as a network share.

    Maybe in addition DLNA support as well?

  • I want this very much so I can stream my media anywhere on my network (and hopefully out of network) to any device. Right now I have my old router hooked up as a bridge (sort of, I forgot what I did, exactly), and connect to that to stream media. I'd love to be able to just have one device with my hard drive plugged into it.

  • Right now, I'm in the exact same boat, having another device hooked up that's taking care of that portion.

  • Agreed, USB drive support would be a welcome addition.

  • Oh, if USB functionality is added it would be awesome if there's exFAT support with with it

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