Amplifi Alien - UK Stock/Resellers

  • Hi All

    I'm wondering if you have any information on stock of your Amplifi Alien WiFi 6 Router for UK resellers please

    I've been waiting & checking almost daily for months but no UK resellers (or indeed European resellers) appear to ever have any stock - I notice on your direct store site new stock arrives periodically & then sells out a few days later. Is all stock only being sent to yourselves or are you planning to ship to resellers in the near future? It's very frustrating to see stock on your own site that cannot be shipped internationally but no stock sent to resellers.

    Many Thanks

  • @Athous Hello, it's not a matter of stock allocation. The device has to undergo EU certification before we can sell it there.

  • Hi JT

    Thank you for your reply - do you have any idea of the current status of the EU Certification process or when you expect the router to be on sale in the UK? Really want to buy it but not sure how much longer I can hold out 🙂

  • @UI-JT said in Amplifi Alien - UK Stock/Resellers:

    sertifikasi UE

    celotehpraja So this is the reason? due to EU certification issues, thanks for the information

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