Poor RMA Experience on New Gamer's Edition

  • I was so excited to join the Amplifi family, but a few days in, I'm feeling extremely let down. Received my Gamer's Edition last week, got everything plugged in and updated. At first, it seemed fine, and then the router started rebooting every few minutes. I performed a factory reset, and after a few hours, the reboots began again.

    Opened a support case and was told that the logs won't help, as they're cleared on reboot (??). I tried a different outlet, hoping it was power, but the reboots continued. It appears that once the device is under load (I run a bunch of speed test, start gaming, join a video call), the device starts rebooting.

    So, ok, sounds like a bum device. It's brand new, so I decided to let's get it swapped out and support agreed. Filed for a RMA and it was approved. But I'm shocked to find the expectation is that I send my device back, at my own cost, before a replacement will be shipped. A brand new device failure should not require further investment on my side to replace. I would expect a new device to be shipped, and I'd ship my broken device back in the same box.

    Can anyone clarify this? If this is the case, I'm simply done with AmpliFi. I understand devices can be broken when new, but I'm shocked that the experience is that I have to spend more money as a consumer to have it fixed.

  • @Mike-Wilusz The warranty process is the same for all of Ubiquiti's products, which includes consumer and enterprise grade equipment. Unique situations like yours are cases where the RMA team can work with you to make things right. Can you please DM me your RMA number, so I can help forward this along and get your replacement Gamer's Edition as soon as possible.

  • @Mike-Wilusz Ya, I bought about 4k worth of gear, and got the same sort of thing with a 40 dollar nano switch. While the consumer division has some awesome stuff, and does a great job on the sales side (as most do) they need to up their game on the returns/repairs at least for the consumer market. That's precisely why I will never buy another Asus product, and will keep on with AmpliFI. Hopefully they rise to the occasion and set the bar for others to hope to achieve.

  • @unseenone We are sorry to hear about your experience, if you ever need help with an AmpliFi RMA please reach out to us!

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