Best hardwire network addition?

  • Hi Everyone,

    I’m a new Amplifi HD user and would be grateful for some advice. I have two meshpoints in the current setup and would like to add an additional WiFi-connected meshpoint that has an RJ45 socket to plug in a hardwired device if possible. Is the best way of achieving this by adding an Amplifi Instant into the network as a meshpoint? Are there any alternative devices at a relatively low cost that would achieve the same?

    Use-case is that I’d like to plug my Hue bridge into the network somewhere other than the router itself.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

  • @Graham-Rigby AmpliFi Instant, or the AmpliFi HD stand alone router would be your two best options. With the Instant having only 1 LAN port, a 2x2 antenna and a lower grade processor, it may be worth the extra cost to get the HD router, but if its use is for a single minimal use device then the instant should work great!

  • @UI-Brett Great, thank you. The instant sounds perfect as there’s only one device that really needs a hardwire connection. Will get one on order...

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