Windows10 download speed slower than iOS via MeshPoint

  • I have Amplifi HD in gateway mode (not bridged) with Virgin Media cable broadband & 5 mesh points. Testing download speed from my desk (one place) connecting via one MeshPoint to Amplifi Router using ookla Speed Test apps. iPhoneX 125mbps, iPad Air 2 - 140mbps, cheap Android phone 50mbps, Dell Windows 10 laptop (high spec) 38mbps, Windows 10 desktop (very high spec) 38mbps. All 5 devices in same location, connected via the same Meshpoint using the same 5GHz channel on 802.11ac. Amplifi HD Software version 3.4.1. I think it was faster on Windows with earlier Amplifi versions. How do i get decent speed on Windows?

  • @Richard-Theo i rolled back all devices to 3.3.0 and it hasn't helped.

  • @Richard-Theo This more than likely means that the firmware update did not cause the slowdown. With other devices performing as expected, I would research more into your networking hardware on the Windows 10 computer to verify its maximum capabilities.

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