Nest Not Working - Battery Fails

  • Have you had the opportunity to generate support files from your AmpliFi system for our developers to review?

  • Hi - could it be that you Nest model doesn’t play nice with the Wi-Fi 6 on the Alien?

    As a test you might consider enabling the Additional WiFi 5 radio with a unique SSID and have them connect to that instead and see if it makes a difference

  • @Derek-Saville
    Good idea, I did that and seems to be more stable, time will tell but looks like that's the fix. Sad that it wasnt a tech that said that. Thanks, Ill update in a few days if it holds out.

  • This Looks like the solution 2 days and no issues and battery level remaining stable over 3.85 volts (before between 3.6-3.75 (3.6 is where it fails) . I know have it on my wifi 5 signal with only a 55% signal on both units and no issues. Thanks Derek for the advice

  • I had an Amplifi HD with two meshpoints and an Instant for a couple of years and had no issues with my 2 Nest thermostats. I also have like 10 Nest protects and no problems with them either.

    Last week, I decided to replace the system with an Alien and while the coverage is great (pretty much covers everything the old system did), I'm having the same issues as the OP with the thermostats. I'm going to try the above solution, appreciate the assistance, it's kind of been driving me nuts. Sucks when something you've been using for so long works flawlessly and then an upgrade takes it away.

  • @Craig-McNaughton no worries no issue at all since I did that

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