UTP/LAN connection with VPN = not working but wifi connection with VPN = working

  • Hi,

    UTP/LAN with no VPN ; wifi disabled = works great
    UTP/LAN with VPN wifi disabled = no Internet

    Wifi with no VPN , UTP disabled = works great
    Wifi with VPN UTP disabled= works great

    I have no idea why the VPN connection kills my UTP/LAN connection. I turn Wifi off and vice versa. It only occurs when LAN with VPN. All other 3 options works. I use GlobalProtect as my VPN.

    Any suggestions??


  • @Ronald-Barkel Hello, if you could submit a support file we can look into what the cause of the issue is.

  • Hi, I have the answer already... I had enabled Hardware NAT (do't ask me why..)
    When I turned this off it worked!

    So no further help is needed.

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