LCD not turning off at night

  • Hi there,

    I recently bought an Amplifi HD with 2x Mesh Points. On the first night it all worked well, with the LED and LCD turning off at the desired time scheduled by night mode. Then couple days later, only the LED turns off. The LCD stays on at normal brightness...

    This seems to be reported previously, but with no fix outcome?

  • @Roshan-G I would make sure your system is fully updated to the latest firmware. Then, toggle off the night mode feature and turn it back on.

  • @UI-Brett Done that, everything is fully updated. Toggled aswell.. I can see the LED light turn off but the LCD stays on..

  • I have recently encountered completely opposite problem when the LCD screen is not turning on and light is not turning off at all. Also, it doesn't make any sound when you press Locate in the general settings.

  • @UI-Brett Any other update for this then..? Also why does the LEDs flash upon a setting change.. even when explicitly selected night mode and both LCD and LED are turned off.

    These things just don't make sense. I understand this is meant to be a show piece and what not, but when in some homes in the UK the main line comes in from the a bedroom.. it is not ideal not adhering to night modes.

  • @Roshan-G Thev LED lights are designed to flash after a setting change and that is normal behavior. Have you tried factory resetting the device them applying the night mode settings you would like and testing to see if they work?

  • @UI-AmpliFi I mean can I pop this as a suggestion then.. counter intuitive when I set the LED and LCD to be turned all the way down, for it to then flash at full brightness? Surely the LED brightness should be a global setting for all LED functions?

    Will try a factory reset for the original issue when I have the least load on the network.


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