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  • Okay, hope this makes sense but i am almost at the point where i am going to throw this device off my balcony!

    Note: i have confirmed that from my fibre modem i can obtain gigabit speeds over hard wire.

    1. Got the device, set it up and all started to work. At no point could i obtain gigabit speeds via wifi or hard wire. The on board speed test shows max of 550 up/down.
    2. Changed my modem from router to bridged mode, alien to router mode - speeds capped at 550 both directions.
    3. Changed my modem from bridged mode to router, alien to bridge mode, speeds capped at 550 down but 850-900 up
    4. wireless tests on my iPhone 11 pro max shows 600 both directions

    What am i missing here, why can the on board speed test not show me full gig speeds down/ this a firmware issue? Also i have contacted support, and sorry to say the so called Tier 2 sounds like a Tier 1 (Help Desk)...........

  • @abz786 I don’t know that this will help you. But my current connection is Verizon’s gigabit service and the Speedtest app image below is what I typically see from my Alien. But that’s highly variable depending on what server Speedtest uses. It is also typical of what I saw with my previous router, an Apple Time Capsule. In general using the Speedtest app I see 500s up and down. The Apple router had no onboard speed testing feature like what the Amplifi app currently has with the new app update. That is also pictured below and provides a higher number than the Speedtest app does. The upper part of the image shows the ISP connection number which is lower for the download than what Verizon’s own test shows for my service but I’ve seen that vary quite frequently. The upload almost always returns a higher number. Which test is more accurate I don’t know but I do prefer the Amplifi app’s numbers myself.


  • @John-Pappas see my screenshots all Wi-Fi on my iPhone 11 Pro Max

    Notice how my download speeds on the Alien Router are super low, and this is a common theme with this Router

    1_1594143505044_4FCF0A31-010E-461A-8092-00E201E580F4.png 0_1594143505043_B087B2AF-740D-458B-987A-1AEF7F9F3B92.png

  • @abz786 Your image on the left, the Speedtest app result, is higher than I have ever been able to achieve in my environment. But mine are essentially equal to what I saw with my previous router. The Amplifi app result is matching Speedtest for your router to phone result so that would seem to be acceptable. I’ve noticed that the result from the isp to the router number tends to be lower for whatever reason. There was some previous discussion that this was a known issue. When I use Verizon’s own test I normally see 900 or so to my modem rather than the 774 in my screenshot above, but again that does vary. Im doing this on my 11 Pro Max. I’ve also seen a fair amount of variability between devices so I just use the one to try keep things straight.

  • @John-Pappas it isn't a good feeling when you spend a good chunk of coin on a router that is touted to be the best Wifi6 device on the market (as of today type of thing) and it can't even obtain the correct speeds. I have worked with my ISP and confirmed things are good. I even cancelled my TV subscription since it was IPTV and as of this morning same results.....

    I just hope this issue gets resolved, the coverage in my condo is so good now i just want the speeds to match (i know there are technical limitations etc)

  • @abz786 In the screenshot from your Alien router, it shows in the text at the bottom which server was selected. The network of servers we use can vary from other speed test services, which could be giving you a false reading of actual speeds. We have been working hard on our speed test and backend process to provide the best testing experience and result possible. But we do not want you to believe that AmpliFi is giving you anything less than the best. As we continue to enhance this feature, the sever selection may open to a closer location to you, giving you a more accurate reading.

    The Internal test from your phone to the router, will show you how well your device is communicating with the internal network, aspects outside of the network are hard to control.

  • @UI-Brett i appreciate the response, however router mode showed 500mbps up/down and bridged mode showed 550 down, 900 ish this expected? That is my biggest issue right now, no consistency.

  • I have had the same issue. I’m using ATT 1 gig up and down fiber. Before I ran the firmware upgrade (straight out the box firmware) I got around 800 down...700 up. After that firmware upgrade I was hard capped at 500 up and down on the internal speed test and all the other speed test I have run.

    Bridge mode made it worse. Speeds went down to 330 up and down.

    I’m back in pass through mode. The oddest thing is, I connected an ethernet wire to the Alien Router and ran a speed test....results 945 up ...945 down...Then I ran a wifi 6 device Speedtest after the wired test and Boom...800 down 700 up again. Then internal Alien router speed test now shows 450 down... 950 up.

    Wi-Fi 5 devices seem to be capped at 330 now :-/. My 5 year old AC router pushed out 500 down to those devices.

    I feel like I’m jump starting a router now every time my speeds slow...connect laptop with speed test. Speeds corrected on wifi 6. WiFi 5 ...nah...still a work in progress.

  • Ok,

    I have been playing around with this a lot...and if i change the speed servers I can get a big boost in speed on the alien...600 to 800 on the speed test every time...BUT... this is generating a new questions for me many of these speed test servers seem to be capping me at 350 mb down on the alien ....upload always at around 500mb...but when i connect an Asus AC and my AC Linksys router....those routers get 500 up and down consistently on those same servers capping the alien...whats that all about?

    Those servers are literally 1 mile away from me too....the one i get the best speeds is 20 miles away. I’m so confused right now.

  • @Jeremy-Lacy Over the years I’ve gotten wildly different results using Speedtest app, the Apple TV also has an available Speedtest app and that one is always much lower than my other iOS devices. Usually the closest server gives the best results but not always. That’s why I was pleased to see the capability on the AMPLIFI app of a speed test both to the router as well as to your device from the Alien. I currently trust that more than the Speedtest app. And also the channel used for the band you’re connected to can make a significant difference.

  • @John-Pappas

    Thanks for the response John. I get that many devices are going to be all over the place with speed test...but that said...

    I just think its odd that 5 to 6 year old routers....with 1/4th of the Ram, and cpus 1/2 the speed of the alien get better speed test results when connecting to the exact same servers.

    In agreement on the bands. I need higher bands on the alien...I hope that update comes soon...But I’m using the same bands on the old routers as the alien. I would expect this router to get the exact same results as the old ones...not lower.

  • @Jeremy-Lacy

    There's an er, discussion regarding speedtest linked below I posted my before and after update speed test results there, as well as some other info. What I have not done was test standalone Alien only.

    I would say the results are consistent. Running in Bridge Mode, 3 Aliens. I am getting 400-450mbps consistently on xbox one using ethernet on one node. I'm happy with that. That's when MS speedtest is working which is about half the time.

    with respect to claims 2x2 AC mimo devices ever got 500mbps, I do not believe that is possible. 300mbps is the hard limit of some of those devices. There is a very interesting article here, well worth a read.


  • @unseenone

    Hey’s possible. here is my Asus:


    That’s wifi and everything.

  • Now the best i have ever gotten on the Asus was 645mb down....and the best on the alien was about 830mb...on that server 20 miles’s like a lot of these servers don’t talk well with the alien or something.

  • @Jeremy-Lacy [I just think its odd that 5 to 6 year old routers....with 1/4th of the Ram, and cpus 1/2 the speed of the alien get better speed test results when connecting to the exact same servers.}
    I understand. Just before I got my Alien Verizon upped everyone’s speed tier to their gig service which is supposed to extend to the first week of August. Fortunately I was still using my previous router at the time, an Apple Time Capsule. So I had the chance to run several speed tests while on their gig service and with that Apple router. When I received the Alien I ran several tests as well and they all were identical to what I saw on the previous router.

    If I had not had that previous router at the time Fios was upgraded I would have been somewhat concerned after spending what I did for the Alien and “only” getting 500 or so down and 500+ up. But that’s exactly what I got with my Apple router. It would have been nice if my wifi speeds were better but I couldn’t complain since they matched the previous router. That’s why I hope they maintain that feature in the Amplifi app for checking performance. I would expect those results to be more relevant, and they’ve all been considerably higher than what I see on the Speedtest app, so even if I’m deluding myself I prefer those results.

  • First off, that's a sore subject. I bought an AX 88 and a pair of AX 92 u units. The AX 92 overheat on one, because I was using two Ethernet ports. As a result they reboot themselves, or finally crashed completely, on the 92 U. So finally through no help from Asus I determined the Ethernet ports were the likely cause of the crashes, I swapped in a 2nd 92, as mesh node, and it was horribly slow. The problems with the units, cause the 88 to crash constantly. As a result, after a month of screwing around with their support, and 30 year history with Asus, I asked for a refund. They said NO-- Not happening. They refused to refund, and only offered to repair or replace the 92 U -- after wasting a month of my time. So I sent them in, and donated the gear to my kids. I'm done with it.

    In the mean time a customer recommended UI and I ordered their stuff. I have not had a single crash or problem that I did cause because I fiddled with settings since them. Before that, I was down several times a day. I WILL NEVER BUY OR RUN ANY ASUS PRODUCTS AGAIN. As far as top speeds when it was working and while I sat on top of it, it was fast. But fast ain't going to get it if you are in the ditch (crashing and rebooting)

    I really wish I had discovered the company earlier, but I'm happy so far, is it perfect, no, nothing is, but it's far more reliable and consistent. I figured I would lose some speed in the process, but I'll take 300-600mbps all day long to constantly being disconnected.

    I'll throw out another nice caveat. I did the Dream Machine Pro, and would have gone with their integrated wifi 6, but it is not yet ready. Due to the fact I wanted Wifi 6, I went with the Alien, although it's designed to run by itself. So right out of the gate, i am running in a bit of a odd setup (Bridge Mode). If I disconnect my ISP cable, and simulate an outage. The Alien reports on screen, no internet connection. However, our security cameras and local area network continue to function on wireless. This means, with a small UPS on the SAN, DMP, ALIEN, you are still good to go if the power goes out, or if the internet is disconnected, your work is not lost.

  • @John-Pappas I have yet to see a single website, or download delivered at anything near what we have (940) fairly consistently. So you might not be missing as much as you think. The better response time for gaming is really a plus, where two way communications without lag is desired. I think I saw one 600+ download on XboxOne, which is wired on an Ethernet port on an Alien Mesh, not it's own WiFi

    While I want and wish to see demonstrated consistent gig, there's always going to be something somewhere between you and your host causing some kind of slowdown, I think it is rare to see perfection, but it is nice when we do.

    In reality if I'm honest, all you really need is 600mbps. Providers, like cell phone companies are hoping everyone does not place a call at the same time, because they could not deliver 100% to 100% of the users at the same time.

  • @John-Pappas Nice to hear the speed test is working, does it perform consistently!

  • @UI-AmpliFi

    I wouldn’t say its working...that speed test says my downloads are 500mb....and uploads are 940mb.

    Through ethernet...every other speed test shows around 940 up and down. The alien is either capping me at 500mb on downloads...or reporting incorrect results.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Actually the results for the Alien to my phone/app are very consistent, and very nice I might add!! The result from the isp to the router varies more but within the range I would expect. Verizon has a browser based test mechanism that gives me very similar results from them to my home with similar variability. All in all I have no complaints and I hope that feature in the Amplifi app is continued, it is a major convenience and highly useful. You guys are to be commended!

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