Alien Amplifi - Gigabit Internet

  • @John-Pappas This is the result of what I just ran. So working very well. 0_1595523741726_A2263DD9-9376-41F2-AFBC-947684508C9D.jpeg

  • @John-Pappas thank you, we will keep working on this feature!

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  • @John-Pappas

    Ah downloads per this test have never gone past 500. I get 500/500 in full router mode....and 500/940 in bridge mode. So I’m running in bridge mode now....I see why you feel good about it. All I see is my router hitting a wall at 500 and it pisses me I’m ignoring that test so I don’t go crazy.

  • @Jeremy-Lacy All those are over wifi. I rarely use my laptop anymore. And with the results I get I really have no need to check. When I first got Verizon Fios set up my subscribed tier was 150/150. Over wifi I consistently got those results over wifi and a bit more when I checked directly with my laptop. I was upgraded to their 200/200 service but consistently got 300/300+ both over wifi and connected directly. Since they put all of us on the gig connection till August I’ve only checked wifi results which seem to match all the multiple posts on various forums. I have seen, very few match their gig wired speeds with their wifi results. And given the environment I’m in, a condo apartment with multiple networks right next to me, I wouldn’t expect to see that. But I’m quite pleased with what I do see.

  • @unseenone {So you might not be missing as much as you think. }

    I have to say that since I initially got our Fios 150/150 service almost 4 years ago now I have rarely been able to see any difference in function with our upgraded service to 200/200 which consistently generated results of 300/300+. Even now that they have temporarily provided gig service to us we don’t see any obvious differences. Now we don’t do any gaming and only have the two of us adults living here. Everyone’s needs and uses are different but for us anything above that 300 range is superfluous and just not needed. Certainly not worth increasing our bill to Verizon for their gig service once their free provision runs out.

    I was very curious when I got the email from them stating they were providing the service due to the Covid crisis but really just did not see any difference afterwards. I certainly won’t complain, but I’ve been happier with my choice of the Alien as our router. Of course after the first week of August when they’ve stated the free upgrade will end we will see what I may notice then.

  • @John-Pappas This is most likely also due to your device limitations. My Dell Latitude AC wireless (2012) laptop will do 300mbps. Not much better on Ethernet. Your newer phones, probably are more reflective of the higher speeds. My Dell Precision 16 core Xeon is 866/1201 mpbs running the intel AX wireless adapter. Snappy on most smaller operations, even on our SAN drive, but it starts to bog down on large transfers (40+ gig) Not doing any local storage this time around.

    It will definitely get better, as the software/firmware is improved, but I am mostly concerned with reliability over super high speed.

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