Alien crashed and won't boot

  • I just received and set up the Alien today. I was getting peak speeds all over the house with different devices, computers, etc. My wife hops on the Peloton and connects to the network and it crashes, twice. After that, it couldn't identify the IP address and we were getting no SSID so I unplugged it and rebooted and now it is stuck at 99% initializing.

    The reset button isn't registering, I have tried this with the cable from the modem unplugged, I booted without the ethernet cables plugged in, and nothing is working.

    What can I do to get it up and running again? I went back to my old router and everything is working fine on the old unit and networks.

    It is really unfortunate because I saw a glimpse of what the new router was giving me across the board and I got excited, now according to what I have been reading it looks like I am likely going to RMA it and HOPE that the next one works.

  • @Travis-Osugi Sorry to hear this, I would recommend you RMA the device if the reset is not working.
    AmpliFi Replacements and Warranty

  • This post is deleted!

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