Alien Setup - IPv6 & DHCP Range Options

  • I purchased an Alien a little over a month ago and have had a few rough patches in life since then. I’m trying to finish some of the more nuanced sections of the setup and have a few questions.

    I tried to turn on IPV6 but my router wouldn’t work. Things just went haywire. I used this setting on my older router and I’m not sure why things weren’t working with it enabled on the Alien. Is there anything I’d need to know on that?

    Secondly, is there a best choice between the optional DHCP prefixes: 192.168, 172.16, 10.0? Are any of them better than others for security or any other reasons? Secondly, does AmpliFi/Alien use the same default subnet for all of their routers or does it change (ie - is xxx the same on all units or do they randomly vary it for security)? I’m trying to be sure that I’m setting it up properly from the start. I need to setup many of my devices with with “static” addresses so I can easily know where they are for access within my network.

    Thanks so much in advance! Looking forward to learning more. 🙂

  • @raeyn Contact your service provider and make sure they support IPV6, not all service providers use this yet . As for the IP scheme in your DHCP it is really up to you, many home networks use 192.168.x.x but there is not a better or worse way to implement the scheme. The AmpliFi will have a random portion of the LAN, the third octet is random.
    DHCP Server Settings

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