Best options for dynamic DNS w/Alien?

  • Hello,

    I recently purchased an AmpliFi Alien and for the most part, absolutely love it. Still working on getting everything tweaked just how I need it to be. 🙂

    However, one feature that’s glaringly missing is integrated dynamic DNS. I had this with my previous Netgear (and they included a basic name for free) and I miss it. I understand that AmpliFi may not be able to include a name but it would be great if dynamic DNS could be included in the settings.

    However, I understand that it at his point, it’s not an option. So, I’m wondering what would be be the best alternative to be able to get this working? I’ve read something about using a Raspberry Pi in concert with a router to be able to have it setup to automatically rout the DNS dynamically to my name (setup for free or inexpensively with one of the dynamic DNS providers). Any ideas on this? Any of the AmpliFi Team have any suggestions on ways to get this up? Thanks so much in advance!

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