Alien Hangs on Reboot.

  • Has anyone tried rebooting Alien and it doesn't boot up all the way? Today, it got to 99% and stopped right there. Not the first time, either. Had to pull the power and boot it up again.

  • @Chris-H-0 Did it boot up after the power cycle? This has happened before and we are investigating it, however this could be just a one time boot up error.

  • @UI-AmpliFi I did a reboot from the phone app. It didn't come back on. Display said 'restarting' I believe. I waited many minutes and then pulled the power cord. This time, it stopped at 99% Showed 99% inside a circle on the display. I waited and again, pulled the power cord. This time, it started normally.

  • The next time I try a reboot, I promise to document it better. Pictures, times etc. Thanks.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Every time. Should I write a ticket or wait for a fix?

  • @Chris-H-0 You can file an RMA on the unit, if it does this consistently then it may have a defect.

  • Question: With other Alien users experiencing similar issues, has anyone looked to see if there is any EXTERNAL commonality? Say, whether they all live in hot climates like Texas or Arizona? Which, if any surge protector brand or smart plug brand they’re using (or not using anything)? What temperature range their houses/apartments/townhomes are in, or any recent electrical (thunderstorms) storms? These could all play a part too.

    Our Alien routers (2) are working fine. We live in Texas, with indoor temp set to 74° and rarely getting above 78°, with humidity averaging 50%. The Aliens are plugged into Amazon’s 15 amp smart plugs.

  • Good idea. On the LCD it shows your system temp and fan speed. Mine is 150 degrees F and fan speed is 2500 RPM.

    Anyone else?

  • @Chris-H-0 you kisses my point. What are the conditions IN YOUR HOUSE, NOT the Alien router itself. What is the climate like where you live, do you use air conditioning, if so what temps is it set to? How humid is it where you are? Do you use a surge protector or not? That kind d thing. We are trying to find out what EXTERNAL factor could be causing the router problems.

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