LAN- WiFi devices

  • Hi,
    I’m new on AMPLIFI setup, moving from AP lite, I do have the following situation.
    I noticed that my Apple Home App is not working remotely (cellphone networks) only when I connected to my WiFi network. Doing some test, I noticed that connecting the HUB WiFi is working fine.

    Is posible to have the Hub (Apple Tv) connected trough Ethernet and a make the Home app works with the devices connected to the WiFi?

    As reference I have a US-8-60w as main lan switch.

  • It shouldn't matter how the Apple TV is connected, as long as it has internet access. My Apple TV is connected to my AmpliFi Alien via ethernet and all of my HomeKit devices can be controlled remotely.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the reply. I noticed that I got a two router working at the same time creating a conflict. I set my AMPLIFI as Bridge and problem solved.

    Thanks for the support.

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